Design Wars 2011

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We’re back for 2011 as part of the Cardiff Design Festival!

design wars at the cardiff design festival

Details at a glance

  • Milgi Lounge & Bar (in the Garage, Northcote Lane)
  • Wednesday night 12th October
  • Commence at 8pm
  • Live DJ
  • FREE Entry
  • Referee by audience agreement (in case of a draw we’ll decide)
  • With your hosts Alex & Nic

What is it?

Tag-Teams of multi-disciplined designers will take on a collaborative design challenge to illustrate, cut, paste and layout a design, in a showcase to flex their design skills to the max. There can only be one team winner and the audience will decide.

Taking the cue from fight-club style creative battles, with teams of creatives working together to come up trumps with a design and layout they can be proud of; Design Wars promises to be a friendly light-hearted evening of drinks, great conversation and a fantastic opportunity to hook up and meet like minded illustrators and designers around town.

Last year we were designing CD artworks – this year, well … ahem …  let’s just say it is a bit of surprise.

How to enter

You can enter as a team, or turn up and we’ll assemble some groups on the night (spaces allowing). Book your team in early to avoid dissapointment so DM @burningred on twitter, or email or turn up early to take your chances on the night!

Check out pics of last years event on flickr

Coming to the event?

RSVP on facebook here

Still puzzled … well let us explain ….

The idea is that there will be teams of 4 people with people who are interested in doing it – think WWF tag teams. So, there could be teams of 3 or 4 who will work collaboratively to produce a piece from the brief. They would have say 5 mins each and would need to swap over 2 or three times their own time… all the time against the other team.

  • The audience would then judge the overall winner based on a few categories.
  • Depending how many people are interested – we would do a few heats, with a final.
  • We may also have time for a couple of team battles and a couple of individual battles.
  • Your work is projected on the wall whilst designing

Nope, you’ve still not explained it properly!

Leave us a message underneath and we’ll elaborate

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