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It’s that time of year AGAIN! It only feels like yesterday that we were involved in the Cardiff Design Festival in 2011 and 2010!

Well, we’re back and we have 3 (yes three!) events that we are very excited about. We have the good-ol’ design fightclub that is Design Wars. We’ve also got a podcast a day with interviews running with people who make Cardiff design tick and last but not least, we’re pushing a design-a-day challenge for all you creatives out there (professional or not).

Check out the further details below:

Design Wars

We’re back for 2012 with a bigger, bolder 3rd installment of our live Design Wars tag team design challenge, beamed in front of you, the live audience. Taking the cue from fight-club style creative battles, with teams of creatives working together to come up trumps with a design and layout they can be proud of; Design Wars promises to be a friendly light-hearted evening of drinks, great conversation and a fantastic opportunity to hook up and meet like minded illustrators and designers around town. For 2012, we’re mixing it up with the concept and voting which will comprise part audience and part guest judges, plus commentary from our guest compere.

Photos from 2010

Photos from 2011 on flickr


UPDATE – check here for our daily update

Each day during the festival, we’ll be putting out a word or phrase that is to be the starting part of your imagination. You have a time limit of 20 minutes per day to deliver. Submit these to the flickr group and see what everyone else has done. This is an opportunity to push skills, ideas, and also something to have a little fun with. The results will be displayed online and as a pop-up gallery at the end of the festival. (Inspired by Cardiff designer/illustrator Renato Pequito and his extremely awesome daily challenge that he set himself)
Open to all abilities and ages!

‘The Grill’ [podcast]

Ever had that burning question that your wanted to ask? Ever wondered how designers and studio owners made it into the design business? What makes them tick? Burning Red will be bringing you a podcast-a-day with interviews, music with people within the Cardiff Design scene. We’re discussing creative approach, fonts, UI, hierarchy, cakes, tea, the weather, first jobs, mankinis and much much more within the realm of design and beyond.

Interested in design-a-day / design wars?

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For more information on the festival check www.cardiffdesignfestival.org/2012/

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