Why are you called burningred?

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why are you called burning red

Back in hazy 2003/4 when it was just me, myself and my microphone, I was sat in my spare room which was then a music-based studio / mancave, I decided to start a business. I even went on a 2 day course run by Business in Focus which gave you a heady lowdown on the trials and tribulations of setting up a business and what it can entail.

The focus of the business was audio. Pure and simple.

I wanted to produce music for media (tv, films, cd-roms [they were still big fry back then]) but on the side of this audio-dream, to achieve this and actually pay the rent I would look to record and master bands and artists plus alot of more mundane work included burning and printing CDs and booklets (with thrown together design – which would later lead to a redirection in 2005).

The name burningred popped in from 3 areas:

1. Most likely: A lyric from within Black Dog by Led Zeppelin which I was rinsing at that current time.

‘Eyes that shine burning red, dreams of you all through my head’

2. Honourable mention:  A red book CD is/was a type of CD mastering process, so in essence I was ‘burning red book cds for clients’

3. Probably not: Machine head album ‘The Burning Red’ – I loved the first album Burn My Eyes, but had little time for this album back then, i didn’t own it or have it on vinyl/cd (and there was no spotify back then either), so it wouldn’t have been to hand or close enough to be subliminally influenced by it.

There we have it!

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  1. Yoostin

    I followed the link and so wished I’d found mention of a time when you paraded the streets at night. A struggling artist sustaining themselves by moonlighting as a freelance civic street light spotter.

    At least that’s how I’d imagined you’d come by the name. anyway. God knows how I know it but apparently “Burning Red” or “Red Burner” are terms for sodium street light bulbs that need replacing. The spotters are an actual thing and some even earn their living from bounties paid by local authorities, so I’m led to believe.

    “Burning red” is a failed bulb and others flicker. Either way it costs lots in electricity when they go shonky, hence the bounties.

    But now, sadly, that little daydream is dead. Butchered on the alter of what appears to be an open shit sandwich of an email. By open shit sandwich I mean it was missing the top slice of bread. In he jumped telling you how unimaginative you were before asking you to use your unimaginativeness (<- Bloody hell that's an actual real word! Who knew!) for which he would reward yo richly.

    So thanks a bleedin' bunch random email shit sandwich dude with you're cloaked email address.

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