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Creative business cards, chosen by burningred

Your business card is your one-second portal to a potential client. Give them a reason to keep hold of it.

Think about flyers. Think about leaflets. Think about brochures. Whenever someone hands you one, you look. You can’t not. This piece of paper in your hand might hold the secret of eternal life! It turns out to be just an advert for a paintballing weekend, but still! You looked!

Business cards are absolutely no different. Just like leaflets, flyers and the rest, the content determines how long the client will look. Something smooth, unique and well-designed will grab attention for longer. Something text-heavy or unattractive wont. The effort you put into creating your business card could be the difference between living at the bottom of a handbag or having your phone ring with a curious client at the other end.

Take a look through these 10 examples of business cards worth sticking on the fridge…

Bloomin’ Marvellous

A business card that doubles as a tiny garden that triples as a pun on the person’s title. Beautifully quirky!


Wine is a Win

Bringing the ‘personal’ to the ‘print’, these cards featuring wine stains are essentially cost-effective coasters.


Picture This…

A simple concept with a beautiful finish. Warning: holding it up to scenic views is extremely addictive.


Cards into Cargo

A business card that becomes something else – a.k.a a brand new desk toy you can’t stop playing with – is a great way to make sure it’s never out of your client’s hands.


Measure of Success

A useful emergency ruler and a good way to hammer in exactly what the service is.


Cavity & Clarity

A dentist’s business card – pulling out his contact details is already one step towards removing your cavity.


Think Thin

This personal trainer’s card makes losing weight seem easier than it is – a sneaky trick that works!


A Grate Idea

A business card that also works as a useful kitchen tool. Who’d ever throw this away?


Business & Bikes

An impressive companion for any cyclist, this is twice as useful as it needs to be.

Great business card ideas - bike repair shop


Tearable for Two

Cease the quibbling early with this ingenious business card.

Great business card ideas - a divorce lawyer


Skateboard Success

Not just for Barbies – this business card will never see the inside of a bin.

Skateboard Business Card


“Oh my God. It even has a watermark.”

A well-designed business card isn’t just for professionals – it’s for the criminally insane, too.

American Psycho (2000) – Business Cards

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