Behind the scenes: ‘In Parenthesis’ from WNO

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Behind the scenes of In Parenthesis at WNO

In Parenthesis is a brand new opera from the WNO is coming this Spring, and we were asked to create the imagery – take a look through our behind-the-scenes shots!

In Parenthesis is Iain Bell’s adaptation of the epic poem by Welsh poet, writer and artist David Jones, and it’s a totally original and new opera that’s showing in Cardiff (13th May to 3rd June), London (29th June to 1st July) and Birmingham (10th June) this year.

We began creating advertising imagery that reflected the strange, dream-like Mametz Wood in the story. Elements included: a model, Forest Fawr, lots of twigs, an authentic WW1 soldier’s uniform, and warm coats for the crew. Brrr…

In Parenthesis photoshoot

A studio hair session to prepare for the shoot


In Parenthesis shoot

Not your average Mac counter… Here’s our model getting her face done!

In Parenthesis photoshoot behind the scenes in the forest

Prepping for the cameras to start shooting. Twigs everywhere!

In Parenthesis photoshoot behind the scenes with cameras

A great shot to show our whole forest scene

In Parenthesis photoshoot behind the scenes overhead

An overhead snap. We were the only people around for miles!

In Parenthesis photoshoot behind the scenes - Gareth chatting on the phone

There aren’t that many WW1 soldiers with iPhones, Gareth…

In Parenthesis photoshoot behind the scenes fish-eye lens

A fisheye lens shot to see how many twigs and trees we were working with…

In Parenthesis photoshoot - hair and makeup MUI eating food

Our stylist magician fuelling up!

In Parenthesis photoshoot behind the scenes, taking photos of the scene

A quick moment between snaps to adjust the twig arms

In Parenthesis photoshoot behind the scenes - Lo and a

Lo taking shelter from the sun behind our reflector

In Parenthesis final shot hero image used by WNO

Our final image, post-production. Weird yet wonderful!

A behind-the-scenes video from the day.

In Parenthesis is showing at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, from 13th May to 3rd June 2016. To buy tickets for this brand new and unique show, please visit the WNO website.

We created the imagery for several nation-wide upcoming WNO operas, including The Barber of SevilleCavalleria rusticana & PagliacciThe Marriage of Figaro, and Figaro Gets a Divorce. See what’s on at the WNO right here!


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