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We recently held a Studio Session on ‘driving interest to your brand’, with red hot marketing moves like making video and repurposing content.

Led by Alex, we wanted to share our burningred efforts and experience with people who wanted to improve their marketing and content in a free Studio Session. Within 24 hours, we’d almost sold out!

Our presentation went through all the key areas of driving interest to your brand, and how video and recycled content can be your new best friend. We also jumped into everyone’s favourite thing – group workshops…


Audience engagement

…and why brands need it. Even the simplest stuff like replying to Tweets or hosting a competition is engaging your online followers.

We looked – with an honest view – at what works for burningred and what works for Rothfink, Alex’s side business. Finding out where your audience lives was a key point. It’s totally different for every brand. It can be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.

The great Pete Mosley (author of The Art of Shouting Quietly) popped up in our Prezi with an important quote to remember:

“Avoid the angst of feeling that you have to do everything. You don’t. Find the places you can hang out to the greatest effect and perform there with maximum comfort and ease.”

Alex presenting our latest Studio Session on audience engagement

Workshop #1

We asked everyone at the Studio Session to divide into pairs and ask 5 questions about the other person’s business. It’s the easiest and quickest way to figure out what people wonder the most about your brand.

Group workshop at our studio session for audience engagement

Workshop #2

In our second workshop, we looked at the benefits of video marketing and how easy it is to produce worthwhile video content using a smartphone, a great app like iMovie, and a topic your audience would be interested in.

Our guests took turns answering one of those earlier questions about them, their brand, or their business. That 1-minute answer is a piece of video content for your channels, and it took no time at all to make. Boom!

Group workshop in our audience engagement studio session


Reuse, repurpose, recycle

One of our favourite mantras is the importance of recycling content, and turning it into something else. Alex talked about how one video uploaded to Youtube can become a 15 second Instagram clip, a series of still photos to promote on social media, a longer video for Facebook (or a Facebook ad), a few chopped-up shorter clips to sprinkle throughout Twitter and more.

He gave advice on the best apps to use, and how to use them appropriately across each channel. Even down to which way to hold your phone as you’re recording – wish I’d waited a bit before I’d made my time-lapse video during the session. D’oh!

For a list of great video apps and how to use them, check out our article on making video content for your business.


Takeaway Tips

We gave a few ‘last tips’ to take away, including lighting advice, app suggestions, and how to make the most out of their video content.

To finish up the session, we made everyone sign a pledge in their own blood (or marker pen if they preferred) to stick to a schedule of making video content over the next few weeks. We created a Facebook group where people could upload their video efforts, if they wanted to.

Pledge board from our studio session

As an organiser-but-also-kind-of-a-guest, I found it massively helpful when planning burningred’s video marketing efforts for the future. Learning the potential that one video can hold (and how easy it is for someone who isn’t an expert at making video) was great.

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