Rabble Studios aims to bring Cardiff creatives together

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The minds that brought you Design Stuff Cardiff are launching into the world of work-spaces with Rabble Studios – a space dedicated to bringing creatives into collaboration.

If you’ve ever worked from home you will know there are certainly benefits to having your office in the same building as your bed. There is the lax dress code (where casual Friday can become ‘work in your PJs Tuesday’ on a whim), the traffic-free 30-second commute from your bedroom to your computer and the only office gossip you have to endure is the conversations you have with yourself.

“When I think about the environment I’d like to work in as a creative freelancer, I see a space that creates a sort of work home. A studio for people to work independently whilst being a part of a creative community.” – Dan Spain, Studio Manager

If you work on your own regularly, however, you will know that these these novelties soon wear off. It doesn’t take long before you realise that you miss putting on proper clothes, you miss getting out the house to go to the office and you miss having conversations around the water cooler (apparently talking to yourself while holding a glass of water just doesn’t have the same affect).

Thankfully you don’t have to buy an office and hire some employees to enjoy the benefits of a communal work-space. Dan Spain, Designer & founder of Design Stuff Cardiff, is opening a new co-working creative community based in Cardiff Bay.

rabble studio websiteRabble Studio opens next month and they are on the lookout for designers, film makers, illustrators, developers, writers, photographers, creative producers, architects, art directors, makers – anyone who works in a creative field. The co-working studio will have a communal lounge/work area, a kitchen, a meeting room and 12+ work stations.

This isn’t just about desk space and break rooms, however, as Rabble Studios is looking for people who want to collaborate and do amazing things, nice humans who see value in working collectively, who love what they do, start new conversations and take their side projects seriously.

The new work-space is as much about fostering relationships, combining creative skills and working with each other as well as alongside each other. If this sounds like a place you’d like to be a part of then get in touch with Rabble Studio to find out how you can join their disorderly crowd of extraordinary people.

Rabble Studios Cardiff Floorplan

Get  involved over at http://rabblestudio.co.uk/

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