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Every so often, we host workshops and studio sessions dedicated to branding, content, photography, lighting and more.

As aficionados in the field, it’s great to be able to gather some of Cardiff’s best creatives and jump into a group workshop where we can share ideas and chat about marketing, in one form or another.

We’ve listed all of our past (and upcoming) events so you can get a flavour for the kind of stuff we do on a daily basis. We offer bespoke workshops tailored to your brand’s needs, so you can view our presentations to see the kind of stuff we’re preaching. See our full list of available workshops here.


Upcoming workshops

Studio Session workshop on brand stories and content ideas Workshops and Studio Sessions

“The last session was an eye opening workshop into how beneficial just one video can be used to create multiple forms of content for your website and social media channels.” – James Reed

Developing Ideas, Creating Content & Implementing Strategy

16th June 2016, 6-8pm // Presented by burningred

The Studios, 3 Burt Street, Cardiff Bay // FREE

In the very near future (on June 16th) you can join us in the studio for a session & workshop on discovering the potential stories hiding within your brand, and transforming them into content you can use in a clear-cut marketing strategy.

Our presentation will be online afterwards, but where’s the fun in that? Join in the action and take part – spaces are filling up, but they’re absolutely free.

Book your space.


Past workshops

Featured image for our blog post on driving interest to your brand Workshops and Studio Sessions

“Great workshop with great people, really got me thinking about new projects and improving current ones. The tips, tricks and ideas shared showed how easy it can be to make and do things. Inspirational stuff.” – Sam Easterbrook

Driving Interest to Your Brand

23rd March 2o16 // Presented by burningred

In March, we hosted our first Studio Session in  – you guessed it! – our studios. We talked about audiences (and where to find them), repurposing content, and the benefits of using video in your marketing efforts.

View the presentation.


digital-breakfast-large Workshops and Studio Sessions

Digital Breakfast Presentation

17th September 2015 // Presented by burningred & Effective

In September 2015, we held a presentation with Effective on content, audience, creating content that converts to sales, branding essentials, and everything in-between.

View the presentation.


photography-training-lightingworkshop Workshops and Studio Sessions

Photography and Studio Lighting Workshop

15th April 2015 // Presented by burningred

One of the most important but often forgotten keys to a successful photo (or photoshoot) is the lighting. We held a fun but practical introduction to studio lighting and photography where attendees had the opportunity to shoot models under different lighting conditions. We talked about the various camera and lighting equipments that can be bought for different budgets.

View the presentation.


For more on creating content and the workshops we run, check out a few of our articles below:

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