Workshop review: Developing ideas, creating content and implementing strategy

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BR_Workshop-Catchup Developing Your Content workshop Review

In our second Studio Session, we delved into the stories hidden in people’s brands, brought them to the surface and gave our guests tonnes of creative content advice.

Content can be a tricky thing to tackle. Back in ’96 Bill Gates told us all the content would be king in the internet age but, with so much content out there, it can be difficult to know what content to make and how to use it.

That’s why Alex and the team here at burningred decided to share our content know-how and make our second studio session one about developing ideas, creating content and implementing strategy.

During the session we talked about what content really is, the benefits of content strategy and how to find the stories already hiding in your brand. We did this using the power of…(drum roll please)…workshops!


Audience + Channels + Plan

planaudiencechannels Developing Your Content workshop Review

Planning content can be pretty simple. It doesn’t take a lot to pull out the calendar, decide when you want to post and commit to a few blogs a month. Planning content that works can be a bit more tricky, but with a strategy (plan + audience + channels), it all becomes a lot easier.

What do we mean by ‘content that works’? To answer this question we looked at what has worked for burningred in the past. A popular post asking What Is Smart Casual For A Woman? is all good and well, but if it doesn’t give you the specific results you’re looking for, is it really working for you?

The aims of content change from brand to brand but finding a balance between what you want (which could be customer inquiries, sales generation or brand awareness) and what your audience wants (interesting blog posts, answers to questions, finding something worth while) is always important.


Workshop #1

workshop1 Developing Your Content workshop Review

Just like your teachers used to do in school we asked our guests to get into pairs, put their pretend press hats on and start interviewing each other.

Sometimes, when you spend so much time working with your own brand, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. Explaining what your brand is and what it does to someone else (especially a complete stranger) can help you hone in on what is important to you.

We found that, by talking this through with each other, some of our guests found new terms to explain their business and narrowed down who their potential audience was.

studio session Developing Your Content workshop Review


Workshop #2

workshop2 Developing Your Content workshop Review

We encouraged a brand new partner swap and got people interviewing yet again, this time keeping their answers from Workshop 1 in mind.

This time we focussed on what people wanted their brands to say and to who. After discussing these aims the pairs had to come up with a number of content ideas they could take back to the office with them, like blog titles that would answer questions and tell stories about their brands.

studio session Developing Your Content workshop Review


Implementing strategy

implementingstrategy Developing Your Content workshop Review

Now our attendees had their list of content ideas it was time to figure out the best way for them to get their stories out there. There are plenty of options – social media, mailshots, cross promotion, paid-for-ads – it just about figuring out where your audience is and they best way to reach them.

The next step is just keeping it consistent and making content on the regular. We’ve all seen those websites where there’s nothing in their ‘Latest News’ section that is less than a year old and it doesn’t give a great impression. ‘Keep it little but often’ is a good mantra to follow.

Takeaway Tips

In our final thoughts, we took a look at what to take away from the session: make a plan (super easy when you already have a list of ideas), be sure to publish and promote your content regularly (people have to see it to enjoy it).

Also, look for hidden stories in your brand (what are questions you usually get asked by clients? Do you have any stories about why you created the business or why you do things certain ways? Do you have case studies you could share?) and don’t over-think it. A How Much Does A Logo Cost? article might seem like an irrelevant post to one person, but it might be the exact question another customer needs answering.

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