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Understanding your website performance to make smarter decisions – book your free website audit.

Statistics are the Robin to your Batman when it comes to your business website – using insight, logic, intelligence (data) to make smarter choices and ultimately to get more customers and clients. Places limited.

We’re offering clients a free website audit because we want your site to do better – it’s as simple as that. This is an opportunity to gain an insight into your website and how it’s working for you and what could work better; we’re offering free website analysis and constructive criticism.

We’ll analyse your keyword and SEO performance, your content, your publishing routines, and more. We’ll let you know what steps you should probably be taking next to improve those areas. Informal, insightful and we guarantee you will find it of use!

When: 8 / 15 / 22 September 8am – 1pm
How long: Approx 45mins

To book your free session, contact us.

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