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burningred - weekly round-up from the studio

This past week, the studio has gone full engine overload – almost-daily photoshoots and content interviews with a trove of web and digital coming to life.

The entire studio team has been hard at work building brands from every direction, with marketing, visual identities and digital presences all coming into play.

A handy list of everything we crammed into this past week:

5 photoshoots
4 sets of video blogs
3 website planning sessions
3 lots of content interviews
1 hand model
4 sets of products
1 x e-trailer sign-off
5 websites awaiting sign-off
3 branding sets complete (or very nearly)
20 sets of content written and published for clients

But those are just the outputs! We’re incredibly lucky that we get to work with clients across so many different industries, producing work for the weird to the wonderful.

A look at some of the topics we covered:

Domestic abuse
IT systems
Online marketing
Award-winning caterers
Retail marketing
Taekwondo & kickboxing
International biosciences
Online support portals with UI & UX & dev
Personal & professional websites
Cutting edge theatre
A dog charity
Wordpress VS Squarespace

…plus lots more – and that was all before Friday!


A brand new brochure…

To sweeten the deal, we also had our newest studio brochure delivered to the door. A deeper look at what we do, this piece of print fuel is all about our brand-building process – alongside the photoshoots and video, it’s high-quality marketing content, branding strategy, online development, and story-telling using content.

All in a week’s work…

Burningred studio brochure

Scratched up ‘table tennis’ table: model’s own…

Got a project in mind? Ask us about how we can help.

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