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At burningred, we create brands. We name them, we research them, we develop them and then we set them free, well…very nearly*.

From a logo to full brand and identity development. We develop your ideas and expand your business potential through our branding methodology. We help you communicate better by creating solid brands, clear messages, bespoke imagery and helping you to be unique and stand out from the crowd.

*We do also like to be on hand to maintain their effectiveness, consistency and add advertising and creative sprinkles along the way, which in turn helps our clients grow.

Branding services

  • Brand Consultation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Definition
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand & Collateral Design
  • Brand Visual Identity
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Brand Interiors
  • Brand Exteriors

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So, what exactly is branding?

Branding is ultimately the grand total of every experience people have with you and your company/product/organisation, so you need it to be a positive one.

Branding usually includes your name, logo (or marque), typography, colours, your voice (how your business/organisation communicates through words and images), imagery (including photography, illustration and design) and the way you apply this across all different media (think advertising, think brochures, think website … all the way to how you answer the phone!)

Key brand ingredients

  • Logo / marque / logotype
  • Typography
  • Colours
  • Voice (how you communicate through words and images)
  • Imagery (including photography, illustration and design)
  • Application across different media (websites, footers, letterheads, advertising, promotional material)*
  • Guidelines on how to use

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How we build brands

There is no exact formula, but our tried and tested process will help us work out exactly what you need and how to deliver.

burningred branding process


Typically, our workflow for a branding project follows the following structure.

  • Brand Consultation & Review (What is happening now, and what needs to be addressed)
  • Brand Research (Engaging regular users, stakeholders, and clients / associates; positioning within market; web-based & telephone research)
  • Brand Strategy and Roadmap (What is needed to happen in the future and how are we going to communicate this)
  • Design Stage (Development of key brand assets and application to specified deliverables)
  • Brand / Style Guidelines (How you will communicate your brand with the new style across all media)

Consultation & review

An initial consultation and review session with key members, stakeholders and other key personnel is included as standard. Our branding session will last approximately take upto 2 hours. This allows us to really understand the key requirements that your brand needs to address and help define where your brand needs to go in the future.

Above all, our brand review sessions allows unique insight into how your business operates and how it can differentiate itself from the rest of the crowd.

Keep it consistent

Whatever size company / organisation you are, branding guidelines are essential to maintain a consistent image and branding guidelines do just that.

Brand guidelines provide information including: correct logo use, colours, typography (for web and print), voice, suggested imagery, application to materials (posters, flyers to buildings).

Think of brand guidelines as a manual for how to use your brand in different situations and keep it consistent no matter whether in print, online or within advertising.

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Our services

branding and strategy

Branding & strategy

From fresh-out-of-the-oven campaign identities through to rebranding.

Brand strategy / Brand identity / Brand interiors / Brand guidelines / Workshops / Consultation

digital marketing and content

Digital marketing & content

Strategy, deployment with authentic content and technical expertise are the keys to success. Don’t settle for reheats.

Digital / Strategy / Content marketing / PPC / SEO / E-marketing / Social media / Channel management / Brand and audience building

website design and development

Online & website development

Making your online brand and business easier and work harder for you.

Consultation / User experience / User interface / Website design / Website build / Reporting / Scoping / Tracking / Online brands / Ecommerce / Content Management Systems / WordPress / SQL server / MySQL / PHP / .NET / Business tools / Stock control

imagery and video production

Imagery & video production

Turbocharge your brand with bespoke, high impact advertising and hero imagery.

Art direction / Storyboarding / Model management / Photography / Videography / Idents / Stings / Animation / Retouching / Editing / Vlogs / Content production & strategy

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