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burningred video blogging and vlogging

Mobile Video Made Easy: Making Great Videos

Learn how to make quick, credible videos for your business or organisation with our half day or full day ‘making mobile video’ workshop! This workshop is great for inspiring confidence & practical skills in your office or organisation team. Get in touch to enquire about availability.

Duration: 4 – 8 hours
Cost: POA

Mobile Video Made Easy: The Strategy Stage

Turn your mobile videos into a worthwhile marketing strategy for your business or organisation. We help your team find the confidence & know-how to repurpose videos and speak directly to your audience with great content. Get in touch to enquire about availability.

Duration: 4 – 8 hours
Cost: POA

burningred website cms masterclass

How can I make my website better?

We want your site to perform as well as it canit’s as simple as that.

This is an opportunity to gain an insight into your website and how it’s working for you and what could work better; we’re offering free website analysis and constructive criticism in our sessions for marketing training in Cardiff.

We’ll analyse your keyword and SEO performance, your content, your publishing routines, and more. We’ll let you know what steps you should probably be taking next to improve those areas. Informal, insightful and we guarantee you will find it of use! Best of all it’s free!

WordPress CMS masterclass and digital journalism

Turn the heat up on your publishing and website marketing abilities.

From one-to-one tuition through to group sessions, we go through the basics and intermediate steps to using, managing and getting the most from your wordpress-powered website. Writing articles, SEO, visual / aesthetic considerations, linking, image resizing / editing, publishing and much more.

Duration: Half day / Full day options

br - lightroom photo management

Manage your photos like a boss!

Bulk management of images can be a labourious task.

Our unofficial workshop looking into what we consider one of the best photography editing and workflow management tools. Speed up your workflow and publishing plus learn editing techniques and processes.

Duration: 3 hours

Training sessions can be tailored to your exact needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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