Ignition sessions

Content is king

Introducing our brand-fuelling ignition sessions

Great imagery, video and words can stimulate your brand, but you probably already know this.

We plan, manage, conceptualise, organise, photograph and communicate your brand through high impact imagery, rich video, enticing animation and compelling copy.

Our fuelling process is simple

We build your brand by planning and producing great, relevant content – brand fuel. Our ignition sessions are geared to create a lot of high-end marketing collateral in a short space of time. From high quality imagery through to digital marketing campaign centered around story-telling videos and everything in between. We are your engine room, powering your brand and fuelling your campaigns.

A lot can be done in one day

Our ignition sessions are high-powered and productive. We get the most out of a short period of time.

Careful planning means we come away with a suite of photos, video footage, blog content and ‘brand stuff – fuelling your digital marketing for the next campaign period.

Your place or ours?

With a multi-purpose studio space, we host photoshoots, videoshoots and audioshoots.

Or we come to you! Capturing all the content on your home turf blends your brand’s personality with its physical presence, giving your audience a 360° brand experience.

Rich media and social collateral

Our ignition sessions are built to produce high-quality, high-energy content.

It could be staff photos, a group photoshoot, a series of blogs, a video – whatever you need to set you apart from the competition and breathe life back into your brand.

So what does this look like?

Hero imagery / Campaign collateral / Photos, videos, text, animation, infographics / Advertising imagery / Marketing messages / Blog / Whitepaper writing / E-newsletters / Interviews (video & written) / Tutorials (video & screen capture) / Website content planning & copywriting / Social marketing ‘stuff’ (banners, headers, slides, etc) / Corporate templates / Corporate video / Corporate reportage / Presentations / Instructional documents and video …. we could go on, but you probably catch the drift!

Our aim is simple; to make it easy for you to get a lot of great quality collateral in a short space of time. Welcome to our ignition sessions.

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