Charlotte Church

Branding | Art direction | Photography

In 2013, Charlotte Church recorded and released three new EPs that showed Wales’ operatic angel in a totally new light.

We were commissioned to produce the EP photography and artwork to help Charlotte’s artistic expression come to light.

Shedding the skin of her previous ‘Wales’ darling’ character coincided with her efforts against press intrusion and her role in the phone hacking scandal. The EP imagery needed to reflect this new stage in Charlotte’s career and life, and embody the new direction in her music.

How we helped

We shot four key images for the promotional materials and marketing for her EPs and national tour. The imagery helped to cement Charlotte’s new image and promote her honest (and sometimes controversial) role within the music and entertainment industry.

Key deliverables

  • Identity creation
  • Creative direction
  • Location
  • Photographic production & videography
  • Behind-the-scenes shoot
  • Post processing & retouching kept to a minimum
  • In-depth project planning
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