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7 ways to humanise your brand


Introducing... burningred's '7 ways to add people power to your marketing efforts'

Maybe you feel your business isn't connecting how it should, maybe you're looking at your own marketing efforts and thinking 'what next' ... we lift the lid on the most common pitfalls brands and businesses make with their own marketing .... surprise surprise, most of them fail to use their best asset - their people!


Power to the people... page! Invest in showing off your team on your site

The people page will be the most visited page on your website, after your Home and About pages.

Real photos of your friendly staff, with bios, job titles, and a direct line for communication, makes a world of difference. At the end of the day, people buy from people and you need to 'exploit' this in the best possible way. From our own experience, theres been many-a-time that we have been mid-conversation with a client/prospect and they have said that our people page has been up in front of them so they can work out who we're talking about or who they're talking to. Also, when arranging to meet a prospect, they want to know who they are actually meeting. Leave the pink carnations alone and make that first impression count.

Takeaway - take time to invest in some good images that capture the essence of your company - and use these images on all your social collateral and within working documents.

Nurture your company culture - keep them in the communications loop

If you're building something exciting within your brand, make sure your staff feel part of it.

Regular internal communications mean that everyone's singing off the same hymn sheet, & staff feel part of something bigger. Its so easy for lack-of-communication to affect morale and also miss out on getting important information / feedback from people. This can be as simple as a regular basic enewsletter / email or it can be something a little more elaborate. We've met clients who create 'whatsapp' groups for staff communication through to enewsletters full of informative and fun stuff.

Takeaway - push out to staff and encourage some level of participation. You can under communicate but never over-communicate.

Use your marketing to tell your story - real content, real people

Help your customers or clients feel more connected with you & your people.

Share updates, progress and news from your team, so your audience know there's a friendly face behind each email address. We're not just talking blogs, or blogging for blogging's sake - we're talking about additional key 'content' that will help convert and explain to prospects what it is you actually do. Use this information on key landing pages (you know, pages where people come in to your website first) to support your main messages.

Takeaway - use photo-stories to make quick(er) updates and give people real insight into what you are doing and how you do it.

Decide who you're talking to - speak your audience's language

Rather than writing for a 'catch all' audience with bland messaging, get focused. Identify who your audience is. Research them, learn them inside out - then you can speak directly to them, sincerely.

Takeaway - different platforms can require different tones of voice, your website needs to be an accurate, friendly yet professional place, but you can afford for your social to be a bit more direct and fun.

Take those brakes off - make sure you're posting regular & often

Rome wasn't built in a day, but the most important thing to do is to start and not stop. 

We're often paralysed by 'the fear of marketing' - especially when it's our own pictures and stories on the site. Put it aside & power through - the results are worth it.

Takeaway - choose one platform to start on (i.e. facebook / instagram / youtube) - and post regularly.

Ditch the stock photography

People really do know that that's not really you in those offices

Yes it’s true, most visitors to your website can spot a fake, stock image a mile off. I used the f-word. Fake. What you need to convey is authenticity - essentially being you. If people don’t buy into you, then more often than not, when you meet face to face, this isn’t going to work either.

There are a few good sites out there, which we do admittedly use (usually for elements rather than people), but if you are using stock images of people - 20 press ups, right now! There are only so many perfectly-teethed Americans and staged handshakes any one person can handle... Let’s just stop there!



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