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Super powering an Indian street food brand? We gave it a chai...

Taking a much loved Cardiff food brand and giving it the strategy, style and consistency it needed to grow as a brand and a business.


From the heart of Kerala to the streets of Cardiff, this Indian street kitchen needed a marketing approach with creativity and consistency...

Chai Street, the street food sister to the award winning Mint & Mustard, wanted to add some extra sizzle to their digital marketing and encourage more people to come to one of their four Cardiff restaurants.

What followed was a neatening up of their different channels, the design of a whole new 'express menu', the creation of promotional videos and the invention of Chai Street's very first 'Samosa Night'.

CS001_Facebook TImeline Imagery_03.jpg

Sorting out their digital home

Working with a brand that has been part of Wales' foodie scene for years, Chai Street had a lot of fans out there but just didn't know how to engage with them online. As a growing business, now with four restaurants in Cardiff, they also needed a marketing approach with consistancy at its core.

We started off with a redecoration of their different social media accounts; giving them new descriptions, banners and profile pictures that did the Chai Street brand justice. With this new look now ready, we began to implement a brand new content-heavy strategy.


Social posts

Social planning, deployment and engagement

To help excite Chai fans, new and old, we created a strategy that involved engaging customers in conversation, sharing high quality imagery and planning unique events.

We started off with a brand new menu option exclusive to Cardiff Bay: the Express Menu. Offering customers a delicious meal in 30mins or less - the new menu was perfect for a working lunch or pre-theatre dinner.

As part of our Express Menu promotion we filmed and created a video that showed customers exactly what they would get. We then used this video as part of a Facebook advert campaign, which resulted in 3.5k views.

Next we helped Chai Street plan their very first Indian street food workshop. We created imagery to promote the night, invited influencers and created events on both Facebook and Eventbrite. 

We even attended the completely sold out workshop to capture live video and post live from the event on Instagram.

Samosa Night - Chai Street - high res - 34.jpg

Photo / video / user content

If food is the way to the heart, then imagery is the way to the stomach. With many food brands utilising the power of visual platforms such as Instagram.

That's why we created a suite of images and videos for each new part of Chai's digital strategy. Whether it was for a limited edition offer, a new menu or a future event.

We made sure it wasn't just our work getting a shout out however, as there were plenty of Chai Street fans with their own wonderful foodie photos to share. We regrammed some of the top ones and even created stories highlight sections where we stored our absolute favourites (added a little bit of cheeky Chai Street charm of course).


Behind the scenes - Samosa night at Chai Street

See us rolling cameras and samosas



Social collateral

Though we shared & engaged with users and created content for all of Chai Street's social channels, we particularly loved Instagram stories as a way to share Chai fan photos and promote live from events.


"One of the best examples of work we created for Chai Street was the Samosa Night workshop. We captured some great photography, used in across platforms and created the event listings on Facebook and Eventbrite. Without spending a single penny on boosted posts the event sold out... "

Heather Arnold, Project Manager




So what happened? We share a few of our personal highlights of the digital marketing campaign.


It's great to be seen

Stylish menus, great offers and unique events are all great ideas - but they need strategy to be seen.

  • 497% increase in Instagram followers
  • 3.5k video views in 6 months (Facebook)
  • 108% increase in video views in 6 months (Facebook) 
  • 722% increased content reach on Facebook
  • Samosa Night event reached 2.4k people (Facebook)

Real life engagement

Chai Street's charm is found in its people, in their passion and in the company's authentic Kerala roots.

What better way to bring all these things to their customers than with a workshop on how to create your very own Indian staple - the samosa.

As an alternative evening out we helped Chai Street plan, promot and sell tickets to the workshop. We also spent the evening sharing the samosa love with live videos and photos on Instagram and Facebook.

Tickets to the event sold out and 80% of attendees said they would actively encourage friends to attend future workshops.


The bottom line

Ultimately, there are a few markers that we take from a project to know if something is doing well.

  • Sold out Samosa Night
  • 30% engagement with mailshots
  • Increase in customers at Chai Street Cardiff Bay