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EQC Nordman & Scandic Campaigns


A two-pronged, high-impact, 1 month digital campaign in Ireland to celebrate the return of an iconic roofing solution and introduce a new metal gutter system.

Working in partnership with Euro Quality Cladding to promote Nordman Tilesheet and Scandic Rainwater System.

Scandic Digital Imagery

Campaign objective

  • To bring a popular roofing product back to the Irish market, after a long absence

  • To introduce the UK / Irish construction market to a new guttering product

  • To cement EQC as the exclusive sellers of the Nordman product in Ireland

  • To increase sales & enquiries of both products

  • To increase interest in EQC before, during and after their participation in a widely popular Self Build trade show

Scandic FB iPhone

Our process

  • Planning, strategy, and ‘self build’ audience research for Irish-specific market

  • Creation of digital marketing collateral

  • Promotion, including:

    • New website content

    • E-marketing / social media marketing

    • Google Ads campaign


Creative outputs

scandic and nordman enews header V2.jpg

Digital adverts to showcase the products

4pp Content.png

Print collateral, including brochures and sales sheets


Marketing outputs

EQC Newsletter
  • Bespoke website pages, complete with new video, text & photo gallery

  • Promotional blogs

  • Product-specific e-newsletter

  • SEO development for both products

  • Social advertising campaign


Irish campaign results


Over 29,000 combined reach of social media posts

Over 2,200 combined likes & comments

↑sales with a huge increase of over 2900% of product-specific enquiries*

* from Sept 2018 to May 2019

#1 on Google Ireland for both products

Developed Facebook as a proven ROI channel for sales, with 400% increase in Facebook enquiries


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