Mobile Video Made Easy: Making Great Videos

Learn how to make quick, credible videos for your business or organisation with our half day or full day ‘making mobile video’ workshop! This workshop is great for inspiring confidence & practical skills in your office or organisation team. 

Duration: 4 – 8 hours
Cost: POA


Mobile Video Made Easy: The Strategy Stage

Turn your mobile videos into a worthwhile marketing strategy for your business or organisation. We help your team find the confidence & know-how to repurpose videos and speak directly to your audience with great content.

Duration: 4 – 8 hours
Cost: POA


How Can I Make My Website Better? Website Training Session

In this useful session, we'll look at how hard your website is working for you, and how it can be improved. We’ll analyse your keyword and SEO performance, your content, your publishing routines, and more.

We’ll let you know what steps you should probably be taking next to improve those areas. Informal, insightful and we guarantee you will find it of use!