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Genesis Biosciences

An overview of our website development, content creation, digital marketing and print design



Overriding Skills

Project Management | Brand development | Digital marketing strategy & implementation | Content creation | Copywriting | Video creation | Photography | Custom imagery | Infographic design | PPC campaigns | SEO development | Website design and development | Mailshot design | KPI reporting & analysis | Packaging | Exhibition graphics | Print design | Print management | Sub-brand development | Website support, hosting and domain management

Genesis Biosciences is a global biosciences company leading the way in innovative, environmentally-responsible solutions for several industry sectors.

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Website Development


UK website

We developed the UK website with a complete overhaul of their branding, identity, and voice. We developed a house style with bespoke imagery and created all written content with SEO development included.

The website text was formulated with sales funnels and calls-to-action, in order to persuade a niche audience to get in touch. We regularly evolve and develop the website content for highly-targeted sales pages, alongside our ongoing creation of blogs, infographics, and newsletters.

Worldwide regions

In addition to designing, creating and developing Genesis Biosciences' UK website, we produced the US and Italian versions of their websites in 2017.. This entailed targeting localised, regional audiences - that's everything down from putting a 'Z' where the 'S' should be, and retargeting our SEO efforts for a completely different audience.


A company of this size, with such high sales volumes and global impact, often has a lot of products to sell! In 2017, we designed and developed 2 further websites for the Biosan and Evogen Professional product ranges.

From creating the initial sales-focused customer journeys through to developing bespoke marketing messages, these sites are solely focused on raising brand awareness and enticing interested buyers to get in touch to make a sales enquiry.



Digital Marketing and Content

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Working as partners with the Genesis team, we've created and implemented a digital marketing strategy that included infographics, blogs, SEO development, and a PPC campaign to bring a ‘niche’ service in front of the right people online.

Want to know exactly what we do?

Our typical process for a hard-hitting infographic (for example) would include:

  • Consultation with client to ascertain key information & messages needed to convey
  • Creation & development of the core messages & visuals
  • Splitting the infographic into 1 full-size image (for blog) and individual slides
  • Promotion of blog across all social channels, with 1 targeted newsletter
  • Repurposing the infographic into individual slides across Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  • Combining individual slides into a PDF for the external platform, Slideshare, for further marketing opportunities
  • Using sustained promotional activity & targeted social ad campaigns to deliver the infographic to the right people online
  • Reporting & analysis on impact achieved, and identifying any opportunities to improve next time

The results

Our marketing has hugely increased brand awareness (as detailed below) and brought new customers to our client's doorstep.

One customer - who arrived at the site through one of our blogs, before getting in touch - now spends £100,000 a year with Genesis.


Overall Results

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As a result of our website development and digital marketing work Genesis Biosciences has:

  • 300% increase in website traffic in a year

  • Increase in enquiries of 350%

  • 267.07% increase in people arriving at the site from search engines
  • 740% increase in people arriving at the site from social media sites
  • 490.91% increase in people arriving at the site from direct links

Our Campaigns


Feminine Hygiene Waste Treatment

To promote their range of niche  ‘feminine hygiene waste treatment' products we created a marketing strategy for Genesis Biosciences.

What we did...

Created a sales-focused landing page.

Improved their SEO.

Content strategy using infographic creation.


#1 in Google for ‘feminine hygiene waste treatment products’.

#1 in Google for ‘feminine hygiene waste treatment’.

Organic listings outrank all major competitors.

Large orders directly attributed to content production & blog

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Evogen Professional PPC Campaign

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 13.55.08.png

To launch the Evogen Professional range & promote the products to the right audience, we developed a pay-per-click campaign.


1,028 clicks made by already-interested consumers.

People have seen our ads 473,175 times.

Under £300 cost so far, as a result of detailed testing.

What we did....

Created 14 PPC ads for each product & application.

Tested & experimented to find optimal keywords.

Disrupted typical search results & introduced the brand to online consumers.


Supporting Collateral


Alongside digital marketing & online development, we've designed & developed printed marketing collateral for Genesis like brochureware, large format exhibition stands, and product packaging.