How not to approach a design agency: #1

manners cost nothing
When things go well. When things are fair to middling. When brown things proverbially hit the fan .... we're big on manners.

We all share this mortal coil, and we're big believers that it should be as enjoyable and stress free as possible. How you interact with your fellow man / woman is crucial. Businesses and business deals are born and lost in seconds through communication and miscommunication, whether real or virtual. It's those little things that let you know whether you are going to enjoy working with someone or not. Cue: How not to approach a design agency. This email popped in completely out of the blue from someone I have  never met.

snotty letter

The email is painfully black and white. No emotion nor sarcastic tones are automatically added to aid readback by the recipient. So, before you hit send on that email, take five, have a chamomile tea, and think 'how would you respond to getting that email'? Maybe speaking to someone is better. And finally, Roger, I wish you luck with getting a designer. I really do.