Why are you called burningred?

Why are you called Burning Red

Back in hazy 2003/4 when it was just me, myself and my microphone, I was sat in my spare room which was then a music-based studio / mancave, I decided to start a business. I even went on a 2 day course run by Business in Focus which gave you a heady lowdown on the trials and tribulations of setting up a business and what it can entail.

The focus of the business was audio. Pure and simple.

I wanted to produce music for media (tv, films, cd-roms [they were still big fry back then]) but on the side of this audio-dream, to achieve this and actually pay the rent I would look to record and master bands and artists plus alot of more mundane work included burning and printing CDs and booklets (with thrown together design - which would later lead to a redirection in 2005).

The name burningred popped in from 3 areas:

1. Most likely: A lyric from within Black Dog by Led Zeppelin which I was rinsing at that current time.

‘Eyes that shine burning red, dreams of you all through my head’

2. Honourable mention:  A red book CD is/was a type of CD mastering process, so in essence I was ‘burning red book cds for clients’

3. Probably not: Machine head album ‘The Burning Red’ – I loved the first album Burn My Eyes, but had little time for this album back then, i didn’t own it or have it on vinyl/cd (and there was no spotify back then either), so it wouldn’t have been to hand or close enough to be subliminally influenced by it.

There we have it!

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