Our simple social media strategy checklist

Simple social media strategy checklist

We are often asked by individuals / companies that are just starting out in business - 'what do I need to do to get going on social media' and 'where should I be doing it?' Social media is a huge topic, but if you are just starting out our advice is - ensure that you get the basics right and jump right in and 'do it'! ... so, without further a do, let us introduce our simple social media strategy checklist.

This checklist should be followed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to keep everything ticking over nicely with a steady stream of great content. It is, by no means, set in stone and we have only scratched the surface with our favorite networks (twitter / facebook / instagram). It represents a starting point for dipping your toe in to the digital social-pool and in no time at all you will have a feel and understanding of your audience and more importantly, finding your groove and your voice.

We hope that you will also find it useful as a good starting point to increase your social media channels.


Burning Red Facebook page

Facebook Business Page

Burning Red Facebook social media strategy

We love/hate facebook. It works for some businesses and not so well for others. Either way, it is important to have a presence on the uber-beast of social media. Consistency and personality is key. Stale, boring content will sink like a lead balloon. Keep it light, fun, social and remember it's not all about you!

3 daily updates.

  • Added value content (It must be useful - what does your audience care about? how can you help them?)
  • A ‘behind the scenes’ / what am i doing now picture/text update
  • Share / interesting / entertaining third party content (blogs, tips, guides, photos, quotes, videos) from other facebook pages


  • Like / comment on other people's business posts that you feel are good
  • Like other pages / interests - these all add to your feed and provide you with more content to share
  • Find other associates and people in your industry and related - to, to connect with

Top tips.

  • Reply to comments / messages within 24 hours (if not sooner). It is easy for conversations to start and you need to be ready for when they do.
  • 'If you ask them, they will come' - do invite people to like your page. Especially first of all when you are launching a brand new 0 likes page. Invite them from the page itself and also message close friends, colleagues, family members to 'like' your page. This initial blast will give you more confidence in moving forward and help develop an audience of brand advocates.

(*see note below about applying similar process to google+ and linkedin)


Burning Red Twitter social media strategy

Twitter is still a great, free platform where individuals and businesses can build profile, gain audience and connect with other people and potential clients ... plus you can get a great insight into what people are thinking when they are waiting for a bus ... ahem.

3 daily updates.

  • Added value content (It must be useful - what does your audience care about? how can you help them?)
  • A ‘behind the scenes’ feature
  • Share / interesting / entertaining third party content (blogs, tips, guides, photos, quotes, videos)


  • Find other people that are interesting to you and your business (thought leaders, people behind the businesses .... remember, that your not just here to shout about you, but to connect with people and build business links.
  • Reply publicly to at least one person / business that you find interesting
  • Retweet content you find interesting and add your own comment (character-space permitting)


Burning Red Instagram social media strategy

Instagram is a firm studio favorite. It must be down to that its primarily a visual format but also it syncs with your other networks (facebook / twitter / flickr / tumblr) effortlessly. So, you could in fact do all your updates via Instagram alone. We wouldn't necessarily recommend that but it would mean that at least you have a presence on all your networks if you are short on time (aren't we all).

At least one daily update

  • Choose from different options:
    • behind the scenes
    • project work
    • team outings
    • something of interest
    • 'look where i am'
    • try this today
    • 'look what ive just made'
    • here's my cat
    • here's my food (only if you are giving a recipe or own a health / food related business or are a chef or foodie.)
    • here's my cat in a box (yes, these are always good)
    • Make sure you use relevant hashtags to maximise how far it will go.


  • Like and comment on at least three other photos (people find people via this method)
  • Ensure your profile is linked up to your webpage and your bio is good!

*It is also worth mentioning LinkedIn and Google+. You can apply the same methodology as described in the facebook to get going.

What do you think? Have any other killer tips to share? We'd love to hear them - sharing is caring after all!