How can infographics help your business?

TL;DR Infographics

“Tl;dr”, internet slang for “too long; didn’t read”. How many times have you been presented with a boring block of text and forgotten most of the contents moments after reading (or even had to psyche yourself up to read it in the first place).

We’re pretty confident the answer is LOTS,  and if it happens to you, you can be fairly certain that your customers / clients will sometimes feel the same.

Thankfully, there is a ray of light at the end of the dreary over word processed tunnel. Enter the infographic. Hybrids of graphics, colours and small chunks of text, infographics are an eye catching and creative method of displaying key content in an engaging and entertaining way. As the old saying goes - a picture paints a thousand words.

So, how exactly can an infographic help your business? The answer is enormously. Above all else, they are:

  • Informative
  • Easy to recall
  • Simple to digest
  • Highly shareable (the good ones!)
  • A creative way of refreshing old content
  • A great way of generating interest in your brand (and hopefully attract new customers).

Sounds great - but how can we create one we hear you cry? Well, it’s a relatively simple process, as long as you bear the following in mind:

Infographics Burning Red

What topic do you want to cover? Think about your target audience. What is important to them? Are there questions you could answer or any insightful / surprising / useful information you could provide? Make your decision and get researching.

Simplicity Infographics Burning Red

Write down a title and gather your research. Cut it down. Cut it down again. Move a bit around. What you should be left with is very focused text in user friendly bite sized chunks to accompany your graphic(s).

Creative Infographics Burning Red

It’s been scientifically proven that people remember more of what they see and do than what they read. Displaying information and key messages via an engaging infographic will therefore increase the likelihood of it being absorbed and remembered. You may decide to recruit a professional designer to complete this part for you (not essential), though whoever is tasked with creating your infographics, the following must be considered:

  • Colours - keep your brand and topic in mind.
  • Graphics - chose appropriate graphics to bring your messages to life.
  • Interactive Elements - think sound bites, moving graphics.
User Friendly Infographics Burning Red

While creativity is most definitely encouraged, your audience shouldn’t require a map or instructions to read your infographic. It is vitally important that your infographics display your key messages effectively - why not show them to someone in a different area of your organisation for feedback?

To help get you thinking and provide a little inspiration, here are 5 of our favourite infographics which encompass a wide variety of graphics, data types and design tactics.


Business Infographics James Bond 007 Burning Red

Viewed in its entirety, this infographic is a bit of a monster. It’s exciting and packed full of brilliant graphics and multimedia elements, while still conveying the key information in short manageable chunks. Even if you’re not particularly interested in James Bond, you can’t help but be drawn to it and take notice - which is the whole point. See it in its full glory here!


Business Infographics Chwarae Teg Burning Red

At the risk of blowing our own trumpet...this is one we created for Chwarae Teg on a woman’s role in the Welsh workforce. We decided to include it to demonstrate how a more serious topic encompassing a wide range of stats, facts and figures can be conveyed in an engaging way via appropriate graphics, colours and snippets of key text and data.


Business Infographics James Bond 007 Burning Red
James Bond Infographic
James Bond Infographic
James Bond Infographic

I promise we’re not obsessed with James Bond, but as long as someone keeps creating such brilliant 007 infographics, we’ll keep posting them! This one is a great example of how infographics needn’t always be static. The scrolling nature grabs your attention immediately, and before you know it, you’ve gone through it all. 


Public spending graphic

It would be criminal if this list did not feature at least one of the awesome infographics created by one of the original champions of the infographic - The Guardian. What would you prefer to be presented with - a black and white text document entitled "Government Spending by Department", or this? Hopefully you agree that the latter option is far more engaging (the bright colours definitely help bring it to life), as it allows you to visually process the data enabling you to place each figure in context. It’s the perfect example of displaying a relatively dry (though important) topic in a creative, attention grabbing and informative way.


Business Infographics Nicholas Feltron Burning Red

One created by Nicholas Feltron who visually documents each year of his life via an infographic ‘annual report’ (which is a pretty cool idea when you think about it - albeit fairly time consuming!). Imagine being able to cast your eye over an annual infographic of your life instead of trawling back through 365 pages of a scribbled diary! We’re not suggesting you go anywhere near as far as this, we just think it’s a great example of how different numerical data types can be creatively displayed as opposed to a more “traditional” method such as a bar chart.

What about you? Maybe you are an esteemed infographic creator with tips to share - or you may have simply seen an infographic somewhere that was so awesome it blows our favourites out of the water?! Either way, we'd love to hear from you.