Five steps to conquering content

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You might not know, but content creation is highly important for your company, brand or organisation.

Whether it’s for an online campaign, a website, a brochure or a roadside billboard, content is needed for so many things and can be your best friend, and at the same time your on going battle!

But why is content so important? Well, lets look at a few reasons (which in itself could be another blog!)

  • It’s the voice speaking out to your audience
  • It is the personality that sets you apart
  • It forms the brand-image that tells us who you are
  • It creates a legacy of 'things you have been involved with, achieved etc)
  • It allows other people to share / promote your work for you
  • Its a great way to include staff and build brand ambassadors
  • It can be your entire marketing strategy
  • Its great for search engines (google loves relevant, quality, updated info)
  • It engages, encapsulates and converts new audiences to your brand

Okay, getting going with content and how to use it effectively for your brand (a.k.a. creative content strategy) might not be a stroll in the park for everyone, for most of us we’re salmon swimming upstream. To help you along, and to give you some direction for your content conundrums, we’ve gathered up a list of our favourite resources to help provide a stepping stone in the right direction both for digital and offline.

We’ve split these tools up into five stages of content creation to make for a simple process.

Remember that word. Simple.

Stage 1 – Research

We all know how treacherous research can be, trawling through pages of information with the hope of stumbling upon a gem.

There are some ways to make research a little more bearable; the tools below help to organise research, and optimise the searching process.

Stage 2 – Conceptualisation

The transition from research to concept can be made very simple and easy with arguably one of the best tools listed in this blog.

Evernote: a revolutionary tool with a web browser extension, making research clippable and easy to refer to when generating a concept. This is one of our favourites as it makes the whole content creation process more organised and works visually, verbally and written.

Having trouble with that concept still? HubSpot's blog topic generator might be able to lend a helping hand in that area.

Stage 3 – Writers get ready

Writing your content can be a struggle for those who do not have a thesaurus built into their brains! There are many considerations for writing content; voice, tone, style, formality, lexis, grammar, spelling etc.

To help with some of these aspects and to help to widen your vocabulary, we have listed some resources to refer to.

Stage 4 – Designers put your pen to paper

Let's put some visual triggers in that content. A picture is worth a thousand words, so you better make sure it says the right thing!

There are some great tools about that can help you engage further with your audience. Let’s face it, we don’t always have time to think about creating an amazing, beautifully designed piece of artwork, this is why these tools come in so darn handy!

Stage 5 – Editing

Your nearly there! Your content is created, but you might want to make sure that your written content is up to scratch.

These editing tools will help to keep your writing true to your voice, image and tone. The editing tools provided below will ensure that your writing is easy to read, engaging, unique and intriguing enough.

And voila! You have yourself some engaging copy, compelling design and an overall a great piece of content ready to conquer web, print and any other platform you wish to present it!

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