Halloween scene: design tips to terrify

Halloween scene design tips

Create a Halloween horror-fest with these decor and design tips, brought to your home from the twisted minds at burningred.

We like designs that make your jaw drop and your head turn in a 360 degree circle, and Halloween's no different.

We've collated some of our favourite Halloween DIY design tips so you can spook up your space in a way that's stylish and shudder-inducing...

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#1 Make your pumpkin a pineapple

Pineapple pumpkin for a Halloween decorating idea


"If you like piΓ±a coladas, and getting scared in the rain."

#2 Welcome guests with a Halloween wreath

Black wreath for Halloween design tips


A normal wreath covered in cobwebs, toy crows, and painted leaves. Who knew it could be so effective?

#3 Light beetroot lanterns

Beetroot lanterns for Halloween design tips

(flickr.com - Niklas Morberg)

Finally, those root vegetables will come in handy! Add a tea light candle for the creepy factor.

#4 Floating Harry Potter candles

Floating candles for Halloween decorations


Going for a 'boy wizard vs the demons' theme? Hanging candles will do the trick.

#5 Try a different kind of mask

Venetian masks for Halloween costume ideas


Your standard Halloween masks are so done. Try a Venetian mask and give your friends nightmares for months.

#6 Use SFX makeup tutorials to go even further

Spider face SFX Halloween makeup


Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies with realistic Halloween SFX makeup.

#7 Leave a Ouija board lying around

Halloween vintage seance scene


Dabble in the Occult and watch your friends' eyes turn white!

#8 Fake hands, real terror

Spooky wall with Halloween hands


Fake hands on the wall (or even stuffed and painted rubber gloves) can add an air of evil to your party.

#9 Hang tree ghosts outside

Hanging tree ghosts for Halloween ideas


These are the only balloons that'll get better (and spookier) with age.

#10 Drape Halloween fairy lights on the walls

Halloween skeleton fairy lights


You can get Halloween fairy lights from everywhere from Amazon to Asda.

#11 Raid your local antiques store

Creepy Halloween doll for scary designs


Head to The Pumping Station or Jacob's Antiques for some battered up old dolls and ancient Halloween decor ideas.

#12 Add a splash of blood to your towels

Bloody bathroom towels for extra decoration


"I can't come out tonight, I'm busy turning my bathroom into a crime scene."

#13 Bake ghost cake pops

Ghost cake pops for Halloween design tips


Why be creepy when you could be cute? Make your foodie fright night extra weird.

#14 Make some extra ketchup-y finger hotdogs

Halloween hotdogs food ideas


But then, why be cute when you could be creepy? You'll never see hot dogs the same again.

#15 Enter The Great British Scream-Off

Halloween Love Cake


Bake your own Halloween cake! With floods of red food colouring and fake fingers for fun.

#16 Music for monsters

Fright Night by Burningred on Mixcloud

We've created Halloween music mix 'n' mash ups for your inner ghouls to dance to - play them at a party (or seance) for some atmospheric awesomeness.

Happy Halloween!

For even more Halloween horror, check out some of the scariest Pinterest boards:

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Want to pin these design tips? Visit the official 'Design Tips to Terrify' Pinterest board from yours truly.

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