Stop making excuses, start making video for your business

Using video marketing for your brand - blog post featured image

Using video marketing for your brand - blog post featured image

Need new content? Need more visitors to your website? Need to expand your brand reach? Back away from the laptop - you need to make a video.

Video is an undervalued but brilliant form of content that can humanise your business and boost your online engagement, so use it or be damned.

We've given video workshops to clients in the past, and it forms part of our weekly content. For example, the background video on our homepage keeps an otherwise static page from being boring, and our Vimeo is full of different types of video, from phone-quality to press shots.

Reasons why you need video in your marketing:

  • It's a break from text content (we all see too much of that!)

  • It's great for searching and more visible than blog content

  • Videos engage people for longer than still images - reel 'em in, keep 'em hooked

  • Filming is an easy add-on to your marketing activities. Film a few minutes of your event and boom! A ready-to-go video.

  • Video content is more shareable

  • If you post a video on Facebook, you benefit from the automatic preview feature that draws viewers in quicker

  • Video content is an investment - its reach will grow organically and you'll get more marketing value for your buck

  • If you're an industry leader looking to increase your public speaking bookings, you need to be seen presenting

  • If you're a brand looking to inform your audience of something you offer, video is a cleaner, quicker and more effective way to present information

  • There are so many ways you can actually promote your video content: create a mash up, push it through Boomerang, use 15 seconds on Instagram, share it with co-workers on Dropbox, upload it to Vimeo, put it into Facebook and more

5 great examples of using video...

Behind the scenes

Give your audience a glimpse of the backdrop and process behind an upcoming or existing feature (like a photoshoot, a workshop, an event or more) and think of it as a teaser trailer. Here's one example of a behind the scenes video from when we shot E.P. images with the lovely Charlotte Church. As you can see, it's easy to capture someone's personality(!) and humanise whatever you're marketing.

This one, from behind the scenes of the recent photoshoot for 'In Parenthesis' by WNO, is pretty short and sweet. That's how easy it is to whip out your camera and start filming and before you know it, and a lovely piece of content for your online marketing.

Educational & 'how to's

People are quickly bored of watching others talk at the camera. If you're planning to make a video explaining a process or educating the viewer on something topical, make it quirky and give it an edge to stand out. This 'inspirational video' example keeps it much more visually interesting than watching someone talk.

The video below is a pretty dry subject matter and delivery, but the added graphics give it an edge above other videos with a looming face staring at the camera. Most video editing software programs offer the ability to pop graphics on in the editing.

Talking heads & vloggers

If you need talking heads or a flat face-to-camera style interview, give it a human edge - YouTube vloggers often use the breakaway 'here's a cut of me making a mistake' technique to add humour and personality. As you can tell, it works...

This, from Cardiff's own Gonth, is a quickly-made video from a popular YouTube star that shows how even experienced vloggers can dial back on the value and produce something 'budget' that still gets the views. (WARNING: not suitable to watch in an office/somewhere where swearing is frowned upon).

Corporate videos made creative

Corporate videos, for websites, seminars, presentations and the rest, are a necessity, but that doesn't mean they all have to be shot in black and white with 2 angles as you talk. This one from Risual, an IT services company, is a fantastic example of applying a sense of humour to your corporate 'welcome to our company' video. Glowing comments and over a hundred thousand views speaks for itself!

Timelapse videos

So easy you can make it on your phone! Set up a video to record what a day at the office looks like! If you're a theatre or film company, film a timelapse video of creating a set. If you're a catering business, film a timelapse video of preparing the food for a wedding. It's that easy!

Here's one just for fun...

If all else fails, turn to comedy. Something witty and engaging will capture your audience's attention (even if it's not that relevant!)

Tips to take away...

  • Don't be shy, jump in - the more you do, the better you will get!

  • The idea is to humanise your brand, its what people engage with and want to know, so don't feel you need to be soulless.

  • Where possible, break the mould and do something different. E.g. If it's corporate, don't do a static interview. If it's a how-to, don't expect viewers to sit and stare at your face. Be unique!

  • Every day presents a video opportunity somewhere. Don't think, just get out your camera and start filming.

  • There's no excuse not to show humour and/or your brand's personality in a video ...

  • Videos never leave the hard drive when you start to complicate them, keep them simple to begin with.

  • Remember the basics: good lighting, an easy-to-see face or subject, keep the background clutter to a minimum. Here's one example featuring Alex himself - what NOT to do when making a video...

What not to do when making a video for your marketing

Great apps to download now

With these apps, you can start making great videos and have edited them within the time it takes to get the bus home and

Video enhance - great to make funky videos

Lomotif - add audio and create perfect 15 second and 30 second mini masterpieces (Β£3.99)

iMovie - Apple's easy to use classic app

Hyperlapse - awesome steadicammed time-lapse action from Instagram

Next in our video marketing series will be a practical advice session; we'll be periscoping with Alex! If you're interested, sign up to our newsletter and we'll let you know when it happens.