It's Record Store Day! Let's revisit Kellys Records...

This Saturday is Record Store Day!

As vinyl aficionados in the burningred studio, we're excited to join in and celebrate our local independent record stores like Kellys Records.

Record Store Day - Kelly's Records

Back in 2014, we were the creative force behind the website creation for Kellys Records. As a popular record store in Cardiff's central market with a growing customer base, they needed a fresh and responsive website and we set to work making it.

With a team led by Marc, Michael and Nic, we developed a website that was half e-commerce, half blog, but with both sections working seamlessly together.

Record Store Day - Kelly's Records

It was essential to import all of their current products into their database and give them an administration system to manage it all - we over 150,000 products in total.

With thousands of records available to buy, Marc set about developing the end-to-end e-commerce system, integrated with Paypal. There's an intelligent search function to find your favourite records, and the ability for Kellys Records staff to add photos and information to every product.

"It was great for us to empower a small independent record store from the technical angle to grow their business as efficiently as possible." - Marc

As Kellys Records sells their products in an external marketplace (Discogs), we developed a system so they could export all their pre-formatted products in an easy, two-step process to their Discogs account.

Marc kept busy working on the CMS for the home page 'call to actions', while Michael built a fully responsive and interactive front end, on desktop and on mobile with UX and UI. We held a photoshoot in the store to get photos to use throughout the website, to give it that personal touch.

The website features little bits of interactivity - some more obvious than others, so have fun hunting! It was crucial to make the design smooth, fluid, and - ultimately - cool.


In an odd twist, Kellys Records was once owned by Michael's great uncle and aunt, and was the site of Michael's first ever record purchase. Working with a business we had such closeness and history with was great, as that doesn't often happen.

As record fans, Kellys Records was a real passion project for us, which helped us shape the final outcome that we wanted to see.

"It was genuinely important that we were the target audience, meaning we knew exactly what was right and wrong for it." - Michael

The website went live in April 2015, and has given record buyers in Cardiff (and beyond) a well-made and beautifully-presented online store to buy from.

Record Store Day - Kelly's Records
Record Store Day - Kelly's Records

"It was a pleasure working with a small independent business so integral to Cardiff like Kellys Records, and it's been great to be part of the journey to see them continue to thrive." - Marc

To celebrate Record Store Day, you can head over to Kellys Records for their 50% sale and their evening party at 10 Feet Tall, on Saturday 16th April.

And don't forget - the best way to celebrate Record Store Day is to buy records 365 days a year!

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Images courtesy of burningred / Kellys Records