We try out the success board

Board of success

Board of success

The success board has made its way into the studio.

success board

2016 has literally descended upon me with rampant fury. I’ve had lists, plans and objectives for 2016 that have one way or other been derailed (slightly) in this last few weeks so we tried out the success board.

That, plus a particularly difficult end of February with a culmination of deadlines and the occasional tricky project, has made it easy to feel slightly deflated, despite clearing jobs and hitting deadlines. In all honesty, it’s felt a little like work has been getting in the way of my own marketing efforts and investment into the studio’s marketing collateral and efforts.

Like many businesses we have a marketing plan we are executing and I’m constantly up for trying new ideas and initiatives in the studio to keep people’s interest and to celebrate what we do and make the ride a little sweeter.

So, back to the point, the success board. No clever names, this is a new addition to the studio for us to track and proudly place our (burningred-related) successes, no matter how small. Our personal project completions, deadlines, BR e-newsletters, case study completions, brochure writing, blog posts, even new people making coffee - all will be a welcome addition to the BR success board.

Ok, I'm being slightly flippant; on a serious note, it is to help people visualise their successes. Especially mine as I embark burningred on our first ever pro-active, non-website related marketing activity. I need a place to help me tick things off for ourselves and also encourage others to do so too. It's easy to get stuck on what hasn't been done, and people are so quick to forget what has been done.

With a team of ten, I’m really looking forward to seeing how this board grows and how people add and react to it. I’ll hit back in a month with a check-in of what’s happened and any effect it may have had. If nothing else, it will visually and publicly shame any slow efforts on my behalf.

Personally, being able to put a line through a ‘to do item’ and then be able to physically add a new item to a dedicated success board has a certain charm to it.

The important thing here is to keep moving. Little and often.

I have high hopes. Wish me luck.

p.s. in case you are interested, you can read a bit deeper over on Inc.com