Welcome to BRESCO - our supermarket-ing shopping list for 2017


This post originally started life out of our discussions and plans for our very own marketing efforts for 2017 - where do we go, what do we do, who are we targeting, how are going to 'do it' and what are we going to give our audience? So rather than hide it behind pixelated doors, we thought we'd share our approach ...

This year, don't settle for 'just getting by'. If you're worried your brand or business isn't performing at its maximum potential, you will be able to solve it with high-quality, relevant marketing collateral delivered directly to the right audience.


1. Give your audience what they want - streamline content

Less content BUT higher quality with longer lasting resonance. We're talking production of elements that will make a difference to your audience. Cut the waffle, the filler, the 'so so posts', and create something great. So, what does great look like? 

The key components of our content strategy include:

  • Research (audience and content)

  • Topics & titles (making them 'pop')

  • Delivery and production schedule

  • Measurable SMART targets

  • Clear editorial process

  • Identification of appropriate channels

  • Paid promotion (PPC)

  • Re-purposing key content for different platforms


2. Humanise your brand with video and show people what you do!

Ever feel or get the impression that people don't actually know what you do? We do...

People love people, and people buy from people - it helps them forge a connection to your brand faster and with the new editions including: Instagram live, Facebook live, YouTube live, Periscope - there has never been a better time to do it.

Video is quicker, easier, more engaging for your audience. What you can get across in 60 seconds could well out-explain everything else on your website - but we've been saying this for years - and yes, it is the one medium that we do lots for our clients and not for ourselves.

Plus, as a Brucey-bonus, video keeps on giving through views, edits, and 'screenshotting' stills for your feed.

So, how are we going to be using video this year?

  • Showcasing a new product, feature or service of your business

  • Instructional 'how-to-use' guides for our clients

  • Creating a more dynamic 'about' pages and profiles

  • Video backgrounds for your website

  • Creating dynamic presentations

  • Behind the scenes


3. More (and less) print...

Embracing short-run print and creating and publishing more tailored 'things', but in smaller quantities.

Unfortunately your audience probably doesn't fall within one 'catch-all' group - so why produce material that only talks to one audience? We're looking to see more niche marketing collateral leaving our studio doors - this doesn't need to be rocket science but it will include specific imagery, slight changes in titles so our / your efforts resonate with the specific reader.

With print-sourcing and print-buying experience comes the knowledge to get something special and industry-specific to make your audience take notice.


4. Owning '(y)our space'

Own your space and make your everyday interior reflect your business.

Branding your workspace is a great way to reinforce your brand. We're not necessarily talking about a 20K makeover, but some more instantaneous results come from; motivational posters, feature walls, projections, poster version of brand guidelines, noticeboards...

Some reasons why a branded workspace is so important:

  • Makes your point of sale products or services even stronger

  • Conveys your key information to customers during their physical in-shop journey

  • Office / everyday 9-5 space reflects your digital & print marketing

  • Art stimulates staff (apparently this is proven)

  • Staff development - get them involved!

  • And who wants to look at a bare wall or insipid watercolour by 'who knows'?


5. Protecting the brand.

Part A - Copyright & trademarks can be essential; use expert advice to keep you safe in unpleasant situations and to make sure your brand stays yours.

What's the point of creating a new, exciting brand to only have it ripped out of your hands by the wolves of the internet?! We're great at your branding elements, but when it comes to legal protection and advice, we've teamed up with Abel & Imray, a legal protection firm who offer safeguarding trade marks, patents, copyright to guide you through what you need to know.

Not sure what protection you might need? We have a Q&A with their Senior Associate Danielle Cooksley.

For our existing clients - Abel & Imray will also give you a 20% discount on all of their services charges for 12 months. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Part B - Everyone singing from the same hymn sheet (voice)

As a polar opposite to the above point but still on brand protection, we are talking about ensuring that the whole team are on the same wavelength and how to convey the company messages, image and voice (especially important with social media). Ok, a lot of this can grow organically but as the team grows and people come and go, keeping people informed of what your company is and what it stands for needs to be regularly communicated.


6. More events

Be memorable & create something credible for customers.

If you've got an interested audience waiting for great stuff, take advantage and offer them real-life experiences.

Events are great collateral for marketing - it pretty much writes itself. You can grow brand awareness while delivering worthwhile information and / or offers to your audience. Oh, and did we tell you that we are 14 this year and planning a party?...


7. Targeted Google / facebook ads with stealth tactics

Make sure your message gets seen by the right people with targeted adverts.

Google pay per click and Facebook ads can help you target your ideal client, with content they want to see on networks they often use. Take the guesswork out of blanket ads, craft and hone messages to niche groups of people based on things they actually want to hear about or actively searching.

We're going to be maximising yours and our brand performance by targeting people's:

  • age

  • interests

  • location

  • hobby

  • gender

  • demographic

  • most-used websites

  • fan-pages they like

  • and much more crazy voodoo!

This way, you can deliver worthwhile content they want, in the places they're already looking.

Did we miss something? What else should / could we be doing...? Let us know!