Animated adverts & motion posters: what's the big idea?

burningred - a creative marketing team

burningred - a creative marketing team

Animated adverts and motion posters give life to flat imagery and (at the risk of sounding buzzword-y) create a deeper connection between people and your brand. (Yikes).

It's true - compared to flat posters, animated adverts get noticed quicker & stay in your head for longer. They allow for more depth, more dynamism, more interaction with the viewer. For arts & culture organisations selling something visual, this is brilliant news.

Plus, for half the year, there's no denying that your clients, customers and audiences are spending more time outside & away from the internet. They're walking around waiting to be inspired / motivated / captivated by your next event or upcoming service.

But how do you make the transition from static social media banners to animated advertising? What does it take to turn your current promotion into 'moving marketing' that captures attention?

We've put together some of our most common FAQs for creating animated adverts and motion posters - some from clients, some from us - as a quick guide to understanding the steps of taking your brand to the outside, very-much-still-digital world.

Clients want to know...

Animated adverts and motion posters FAQs

Animated adverts and motion posters FAQs

How long will this take?

It all depends on what you want, of course, but a rough guesstimate: text-only animation would take about half a day, while an image-and-text animation is more like two days. (This is actual creation time without incorporating consultation and feedback).

There are various ways to animate, though, and we could talk about which method's best for what you need.


How much will this cost?

Again, this depends (helpful, we know). Retainer rates, for existing clients, means things will cost differently if you're a brand new client looking for just one piece of work.

However, we often reduce our rates for charities & third-sector orgs, and we're always mindful of budgets. If you're not sure either way, the best thing to do is explain your project & ask...


Have you done this type of work before? If so, who for?

We've created motion posters & animated advertising for clients such as Sherman Theatre, and Recycle for Wales, for shows and large sporting events, but you can also find us tinkering with various (online) facets of animation for organisations like NSPCC Cymru, Rothfink Industries and ourselves.


What would be the benefits over a printed poster?

Posters are great, but cities are oversaturated with them. Buses, bus stops, walls, windows - the overpopulation makes it hard for any one poster to stand out. Plus, it can be a gamble: you can buy your ad space, but you can't buy which posters surround yours.

Animated adverts and posters are a fresher, rarer breed that stand out on any high street, junction or shopping centre.

Plus, importantly, companies are seeing the value in animation, and it's getting more and more investment. Shopping centres (like our most local in Cardiff, St Davids 2) are gaining brand new digital billboards on the regular.


What would the process be e.g. sketches?

Typically, from start to finish would entail:

  • Consultation - finding out what you want, what you need, and discussing how we can deliver

  • Concept sketches - rough examples to show the direction we're going in before we proceed

  • Storyboard - a detailed visual guide to show how the animation works, frame by frame

  • Animation - this is creation time!

  • Feedback & amends - you let us know if you're good to go or if there's anything you want altered

  • Up, up and away we go! - once you're happy with it, we export the file and you can do whatever you like with it!


Could I use this animation for anything else?

Repurposing content is one of our favourite things! Why ever not? Animations can have a new lease of life in websites, newsletters, blogs, video... They can take the lead on your video channels, like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook video, but they have lots of life on Instagram and Twitter, too.

Animation works across all formats and all channels to give your brand that extra 'kick' you're missing - the options are limitless.

We want to know...


Design work is a 'takes two to tango' kind of deal - here's what we'd ask before jumping in...

  • What elements will you need animated e.g. text, image elements?

  • How long would the animation need to be?

  • In what format will you need the animation?

  • Will this be portrait or landscape animation?

  • What are the dimensions / detailed spec?

  • Do you have imagery / video already produced for this?

  • What is the deadline?

  • Does it need to be Welsh / bilingual / other language?

  • If the spec allows will audio need to be considered? If so, will you be providing the audio?

  • Do you have someone organising the media buying?

Once all that's decided, it's go time - animation abounds!

For more animation, plus imagery, video, marketing & more, get a flavour of our work here.

Ask about animated posters & billboards for your next event - get in touch.