burningred's easy recipe for: humanising your brand

burningred's easy recipe for humanising your brand
burningred's easy recipe for humanising your brand

Delicious, full-bodied, and a real crowd-pleaser - but enough about us. Ba dum tshh!

We're cooking up something fresh this month, with our custom recipe for humanising your brand, be it a retail business, a B2B company, or a corporate service provider.

So oil up your pans, fuel up your burners - we're sharing our simple recipe for making a brand more 'real'. Two things that have been hot on the studio menu this last month are photoshoots and videoshoots - but it's not that straight forward.

They aren't 'just because' shoots or 'turning up and going snap' - it's part of our strategy with our clients to create real, authentic brands that focus on individuals and team talents... so, aprons on - let's cook!

"This ultimate recipe for humanising your brand is a tried-and-tested classic: easy to throw together, and full of marketing goodness." - the burningred chefs

Makes: 1 engaging brand Serves: your audience


‣ 1 handful of high-quality videos and photos
‣ 2 cups of people power
‣ 1 fl oz of talking like a real human on social media
‣ 1 pint of personality
‣ 4 tablespoons of story-telling
‣ A sprinkling of human moments

Don't know where to get your ingredients?


1. Strain the people power until your brand is peppered with it, from staff quotes to photos of people on the website

2. Turn the heat up & shoot some videos / photos for your marketing collateral (don't let them marinade for too long)

3. Tip your photos and videos into 1 large online bowl, for easy access to it later

4. Drizzle in a splash of 'human speak' on all your social media channels (for an extra zesty kick, make sure you know which channel works best for you first)

5. Generously pour in the pint of personality - make sure the tone of voice is fresh and consistent throughout all kinds of collateral

6. Dust the mixture with story-telling, making sure to infuse the blogs, case studies, and key web pages with it

7. For good measure, sprinkle the human moments throughout all your channels - behind-the-scenes photos & videos of the team go down a treat

8. Let the pan simmer before plating up - then, enjoy with a crisp, full-bodied glass of higher audience engagement and receptive customers. Ahh, taste those fruity notes!

We hope you enjoy our recipe for humanising your brand! Of course, for something a little more bespoke - your very own custom stir fry strategy - please don't hesitate to get in touch.