On a cliff’s edge - shooting Lord of the Flies at Nash Point


Behind the scenes at recent photoshoot for Sherman Theatre production of Lord of the Flies.

The journey began way before this actual shoot, with the meeting with Rachel O'Riordan, artistic director at the Sherman - to get a full brief and a clear idea on what needs to be conveyed.

From the outset we wanted to show a strong, aggressive young woman - confronting anyone who opposed her. Almost feral.

We drafted options for a studio shoot and a location shoot (depending on the weather) - but the team at burningred and Sherman, really wanted to capture photo and video on location - which is what we love to do.

We battled through a cold, breezy spring shoot - making sure to take lots of breaks to keep our model warm. Fortunately, the rain clouds held off just long enough to allow us to get all the photo and video assets required.

Interested in seeing how it all turned out? See all the collateral and e-trailer here.

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