Photo-day in the studio


So, it was photo-day in the studio yesterday – ok, some people love it (ahem, actually no-one  ) but, I do love it when I get to re-present back to the world the faces behind our team and the skills and talents of everyone – and for me, this represents ‘burningred’ (ok, Marc is on holiday – so we will do him when he’s back).

So often people don’t realise who is ‘actually’ working on their project – so it’s nice to remind and inform people.

I’ve always wanted a company culture where there is no ‘my client’ – it’s ‘our client’. As we’re not your typcial digital/marketing agency – 99% of projects and digital campaigns that come through our doors are touched by each one of these people throughout its course, with each person bringing their skills and energy.

burningred team - greetings

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