Say hi to Sam, our newest digital marketing team member

For 15 (BBC vidiprinter - FIFTEEN) years, we’ve been smashing out rich and diverse digital content for business, charities and entrepreneurs across Wales, the UK and the big wide world.

One thing has become clear to us regarding digital marketing. And that is that the more digital marketing changes, the more it becomes about humanisation. The humanisation of your brand, the story you tell, is what cuts through the cr*p in today's tough marketing world.

Talking of digital marketing and storytelling, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve brought on board an experienced copywriter to bolster the team and expand our capacity:



His name is Sam Easterbrook and he comes from just down the road (we also know him by many other online pseudonyms, but if we were to divulge those, then he’d have to use his unique set of skills, and SEO us to death - we’re not even sure if that is actually possible?!). We jest and we can because we’ve known Sam for years but he still had to beat off 76 other applicants for this new position. If anything, we made the process more intense, like a 14 round Rocky special with Clubber Lang swinging ‘til the final ‘ding’…

Sam started out at ProMo-Cymru, who we worked with on TheSprout, CLIConline, FamilyPoint Cymru… loads of projects in fact, lots of successful ones too. The biggest success had to be CLIConline, a Welsh Government funded network of websites that was a mix of youth information and user generated content. When we got our hands on the project it was getting like 700 monthly visits. By the time burningred and ProMo-Cymru had finished with it, CLIC was getting over 55,000 monthly visits, all of it organic. Sam played his part in this, starting out as a sub-editor with ProMo-Cymru. He hung around the place for ages, so they eventually made him Editorial Coordinator. After a year at GoCompare as a Digital Journalist where he built on his SEO skills and learnt a worrying amount about mortgages, Sam joined us in January 2019.

With so many businesses competing in the digital market - you really do need to create something differential and ‘cut through the crap’ and really understand where to focus efforts for marketing budgets to give you the best chance of targeting the client’s audience. We’re not talking automated, bot-like updates on your social media or website, or text-heavy filler - we’re talking considered focussed mixed-media efforts that can last from just a month to several months. And we know Sam is fit for the task at hand.

Alex Mills / Founder

Sam and some of the current BR crew / 2015

Sam and some of the current BR crew / 2015

When we asked Sam his thoughts, he said, “I’m excited to join the team and help burningred create unique campaigns that make a difference for our clients. I hope my writing skills will bring something extra to its amazing visual, online, and content offerings. On top of that I’ve known the guys for a good few years on the client side of things, so I hope to bring a fresh and different perspective to the work too.”

So there we have it, Sam Easterbrook is our new Digital Marketing Support Officer. He’s good at copywriting and SEO and social media and all that. His addition means that we’re building on our digital marketing offering at burningred, as well as more room to take on more marketing campaigns. If you’re interested in how burningred can help you with your next campaign or refresh your strategy, give us a shout.