5 ways to make your marketing harder, better, faster, stronger...


Our marketing team has expanded in the past 2 years, and our business has grown to include a more dedicated marketing provision - we're hurtling 100 miles per hour into the digital marketing arena! 

This year, we've seen the proof in the (Christmas) pudding ourselves. Content & marketing 'stuff' brings traffic. No content? No conversions, fewer customers, less all-round greatness.

Now, with all the results we've seen for our clients, side-stepping into a world we've always sort of been involved with anyway is the next logical step.

To mark the occasion, we're sharing 5 ways to make your marketing work harder, better, faster and stronger so you can enter 2018 with a plan and a purpose.

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#1 Is your marketing strategy sitting in a Word doc, not getting done?

Content should have a purpose. That means no filler - only worthwhile, relevant 'stuff' your audience is interested in.

Research and identify your audience to figure out exactly what it is they want. Have you been struggling to turn casual 'likers' into spend-happy super fans? Nail down exactly who they are and you'll learn how to speak to them and seduce them.

Are you accidentally wasting time on the wrong social media platform? Figure out where your 'digital home' is online and own that space, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, or somewhere else.

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#2 Missing all the fun and sizzly content your competitors seem to have? 

Fresh, relevant collateral anchored by strategy - this is how we do it

Don't know how to make all the stuff you need? A one-off or regular production session at our studio can produce...

  • Video blogs to introduce a service, staff member, series of promotions...

  • Hero imagery / video to add value to your digital home

  • Staff interviews and Q&As to humanise your brand

  • Newsletters to put yourself right in front of your audience

  • Social media sizzle for weeks to months of fresh updates

We finish the session with oodles of new, relevant content to populate the strategy and bring your unique offering to your audience online - all in a day's work.

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#3 Tell your audience about all the great stuff you do (and keep doing it!)

Three things that marketing is all about...

  • Getting the content to your audience in a regular, sustained, all-throughout-the-month strategy. 

  • Getting connected - making ‘friends’ with your audience and potential customers, to build your network online. People buy from people, after all!

  • Getting more bang for your buck, with well-thought-through and researched social advertising to reach out to potential new customers. 

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#4 What gets reported on gets done, but don’t just leave it there. Learn from it and do it better.

It ain't over 'til the Google Analytics come in...

At the end of the month, make a report on all your activity for the past 30 days. Look at what worked, and what didn't. 

For marketing managers who need to turn results into easy, tangible reports to show the boss, tools like Moz will show how you're ranking in Google after a month of regular marketing. 

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#5 Proactive, reactive, radioactive - use results to make a new plan of attack

Use what you've learned to move forwards in a new direction

For all our clients, we remain flexible and adaptable - a bad few weeks doesn't have to last forever.

If something you've tried isn't working, there's no shame in turning things around and trying something new.

Change your strategy and mix up your marketing to stop your outputs going stale and your audience getting bored.

The more you adapt, the more interesting you are.
— Martha Stewart (former convict)

Listen to Martha. Now's the perfect time to plan your 2018 shake-up... 


#6 Bonus point - Match marketing spend with digital spend, or at least put something behind your digital advertising!

Organic reach is a dream we all long for, but the reality now is that you need to ‘buy your audience’ - especially true for google, facebook and instagram.

So, if you are creating great content, pushing updates out on to social media, then make sure you are ‘boosting posts’ and paying for digital advertising to get your lovingly crafted content in front of the right audience. The best results we’ve ever seen from content is where something (a little video in this instance) has been created quickly on an iphone and then uploaded and boosted on facebook. Lots more views, lots more exposure, lots more reach … for as little as £20.

At the end of the day - you WANT people to see your great stuff, failing to jump this final hurdle can leave your efforts feeling like you’re just trotting down the track.

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