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A magical place, fawr fawr Gellifawr away

Planning and executing intense content-fuelled sessions on location capturing everything we needed to kick-start their new digital presence and promotion.

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A West Wales wedding venue & holiday destination needed some lights, camera, magic...

Gellifawr Woodland Retreat wanted to improve their digital presence and the way they promoted themselves - looking, ultimately, for more sales & bookings.

A full day's 'fuelling session' on-site, capturing photo, video & text, gave us the ammo to create a powerful, visually-beautiful website and an effective, relevant marketing strategy to deliver results.

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Sorting out the digital home

We knew we had to work fast - a new website and subsequent marketing had to 'go live' within a matter of weeks. This meant extensive planning and co-ordination of skills to ensure we had all the new content mapped out and our ignition session was mapped out to the minute. 


Social planning and deployment

We knew what we had to capture but we had to also plan how the work was going to be used for all the social campaigns that would follow.

We created parity across all their social networks, so they were all singing from the same hymn sheet, and kick-started our digital campaigns.

We even provided digital training and guidance for how members of the Gellifawr team can maintain their voice for taking ownership of their channels.

We implemented a suite of digital campaigns from organic audience-building through to managing and deploying PPC campaigns to maximise their return.


Photo / video / interviews

On the day of our all-encompassing media capture day (aka Ignition Session), we shot 6 models, 2 members of staff, video-interviewed key staff members, and captured video footage of models in the venue environment for key website and digital hero imagery.

Between negotiating snow, trapped vehicles, makeup artists, models, hired clothing - we captured reels of footage and frames of imagery that will last us for the upcoming campaign period.

Plus, as a bonus, being on-site ensures you get to capture the essence and passion of the people who make Gellifawr the special, intimate woodland getaway it truly is.


Behind the scenes - capturing the magic at Gellifawr

Watch out for snow!



Social collateral

We made use of all channels, but particuarly loved Instagram stories as a way to get snippets of information out without compromising the aesthetics of their feed.


"The best result of our digital and content-fuelled marketing impact, was the client getting in touch and asking if we could implement a CRM system to manage the increase in enquiries through the website ... "

Alex Mills, Creative Director  




So what happened? We share a few of our personal highlights of the content and digital campaign.


It's great to be seen

There's one thing creating collateral, but at the end of the day - we wanted and needed it to be seen.

  • 9800 mins of video viewed in 6 months (Facebook)
  • 483% increase in video views in 6 months (Facebook) 
  • 977% increased content reach on Facebook
  • 317% increased in Facebook post engagement
  • 173% increase in organic search
  • 866% increase in paid search
  • 110% increase in website sessions

Creating trends

We love fairy lights, and one of the things we wanted to do was create a magical space within their woodland. We sourced suppliers who could help us in our quest to create this final, ethereal hero image.

We knew as soon as the daylight started dipping, and the lights began to shine brighter, that we were on to something special. We shot video and photo which would culminate in being our key hero imagery.

Plus, it turns out the fairy lights are a hit with prospective bridal couples - as Gellifawr have had repeat enquiries to hire them out for their weddings too!


The bottom line

Ultimately, there are a few markers that we take from a project to know if something is doing well.

  • 98% weekends booked for 2018
  • 416 leads generated in 6 months
  • New CRM system required to handle new enquiry demand
  • 2019 bookings doing very well and nearing maximum