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Search Engine Optimisation

We put you in front of the people searching for what you’re selling! Our SEO agency services combine clever strategies with content optimisation to get you seen online and drive more traffic & leads to your website.


SEO agency Cardiff - we provide search engine optimisation services for your website

Looking for SEO in Cardiff? Search no further, friend.

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) marketing is all about bringing purpose to your production and being seen in Google (and other search engines) - after all, what’s the point in your website if no one can find it?

We can help if any of these apply to you:

  • You search endlessly, using words that your customers might use, but you never seem to show up on Google

  • Your competitors dominate all search results within your industry

  • You produce great ‘stuff’ online but no one seems to be seeing it

  • You don’t really know what your customers might be searching online!

We put you in front of the people already searching for you. We research, strategise, implement and optimise, bringing businesses to the top of Google for the search terms that matter most to them.


SEO services

We take our SEO to Cardiff, Swansea & beyond - helping businesses everywhere outshine competitors & increase their online visibility.

Keyword research and SEO strategy

Keyword research

What are your customers looking for? What are your competitors using? We find the search terms to form the basis of our entire SEO strategy.

SEO - search engine optimisation strategy for building traffic to your online business

SEO strategy

A monthly approach to improve your rankings, one set of keywords at a time. We track, measure and improve to keep you ahead of the game.

Content optimisation is critical for content marketing and SEO improvements

Content optimisation

We only produce words that work hard for you. Blogs, web pages, help guides - we optimise everything with the essential keywords, alt text, titles and more.

Optimising products and ecommerce for search visibility and SEO

Product / ecommerce SEO

Bring your products to the top of Google. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, whether you sell online or just take email enquiries - use SEO to get seen first.

Don't underestimate the power of local SEO

Local SEO

Increase your visibility where it matters. We optimise for your region, village, city or community, to increase footfall or relevant enquiries from local customers.


International SEO

Sell globally, get seen everywhere! Think smart - we use cost-effective strategies, so you rank highly for the right keywords without breaking the bank.

Website content audits that power SEO services

Website audits

Not sure where to begin? We examine your website in depth to find ways to improve its SEO and general conversion improvements, and report back with a ready-made strategy to rock on with.

Website migration of content and pages to a new domain

Site migration

Moving websites can be intimidating and potentially detrimental to your Search Engine Results Placement (SERP). We will analyse your website to see what links and pages are important and make relevant code changes to ensure old pages are properly redirected to your new pages.

Website reporting and analytics to bolster any SEO campaign

Website & SEO reporting, tracking & analytics

Make informed decisions based on real results. We show you how you’re performing and what could be improved, so your online performance never falters.


“The best place to hide a body is the second page of Google.”

If you’re not being seen in search results - you’re not able to convert. It’s that simple.



Our approach to SEO marketing

SEO is largely about getting on Google’s front page and, preferably, within the top 5-7 organic results - but a few scattered keywords won’t achieve that.

Here’s how we do SEO:

Search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy


doing the SEO


SEO results and analysis


Then, use the results to refine the marketing activity and do more ‘doing’ - and the process continues!


“When you’ve got a great online presence, and you start getting the right traffic and quality enquiries - you know it’s a job well done! We recently improved a client’s web traffic by only 7% but this yielded a 800% increase in quality leads via search - it really is a case of ‘quality’ not ‘quantity’.”

Alex Mills / Founder


More online marketing services

Our approach to online marketing fuses relevant, engaging content with strategy-led deployment to drive sales and power your business.

Online and digital strategies

Online and digital strategies

Taking you to where you want to be.

Video, photography and content production

Video, photography & content production

Unique, creative photo & video mixed in with great copywriting and quality design application.


Content marketing

Humanising and your brand effectively through ‘real’ content for search, social, and better brand representation.

PPC  - pay per click and social media advertising

PPC & Social Media Advertising

We bring the desired audience to your digital channels. .


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