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Fine dining, events and tasty digital marketing with Spiros

Working as partners with Spiros over a number of years, we've helped evolve the marketing as they've grown from catering company to a catering, venue management, event planning organisation.


As curators of fine dining and events, Spiros didn't just want a one-time campaign. They wanted a strong digital marking partnership...

Spiros Fine Dining & Events are a staple of the food scene in Wales, with some of the country’s best venues in their wheelhouse.

Over the course of eight years we've helped Spiros with lots of different services - from branding and website design, to digital strategy and content creation.


Creating a digital home that delivered

When we first started working with Spiros in 2010, their main focus was on catering for weddings and professional events. Since then, they've grown to run venues, plan events and offer professional nutrition advice for businesses and well-known sports teams. In 2017, we suggested that it was time to grow their website as well to reflect the company they had become.

We designed, developed and built a bigger website with a much more visual appeal. Split into 5 segments, these new targeted offerings have funnelled customers through a more succinct journey to reach the right destination when getting in touch.

For the website we created all the written content with SEO in mind, created bespoke imagery, implemented sales funnels and designed new calls-to-action. All of this has raised Spiros above their competitors to cement them as a key player in Wales' food industry.


Social planning and deployment

After years of brand development and photography work with Spiros, we began producing regular, weekly website content for both their blog and social media channels in early 2016, with monthly newsletters and regular SEO development on their site.

We’ve increased their website views and visits, ensuring that fresh and tasty blog content is delivered to clients and customers and helping to build their online brand as a haven of food & events in Wales.


Curated content campaigns

So that we could put the spotlight on different areas of Spiros' work, we have created a number of content campaigns. 

One campaign was specifically to promote Spiros' partner venues. We created a number of venue based blogs, social posts and mailshots - focusing on regular ‘Venue of the Month’ blogs. This resulted in our blogs being the first search results on Google for six different venues, with organic listings outranking all major competitors.

In 2017, we created a campaign to capture the attention of newly-engaged couples over the Christmas and New Year period. We created a specific 'Christmas engagements' landing page on the website and produced 4 targeted Facebook adverts. In just two weeks the adverts reached 12,600 people, resulting in a number of couples getting in touch with Spiros.


Behind the scenes - teamwork with Spiros

Get a taste of our time with Spiros



Social collateral

We made use of all channels, but particuarly loved Instagram stories as a way to get snippets of information out without compromising the aesthetics of their feed.


"The best result of our digital and content-fuelled marketing impact, was the client getting in touch and asking if we could implement a CRM system to manage the increase in enquiries through the website ... "

Alex Mills, Creative Director  




So what happened? We share a few of our personal highlights of the content and digital campaign.


It's great to be seen

There's one thing creating collateral, but at the end of the day - we want and need it to be seen.

After 6 months of digital marketing...

  • 75% increase in website sessions
  • 188% increase in page views
  • 4,433%  increase in people visiting the site from social media
  • 36% increase in people visiting the site from organic search
  • 27% mailshot open rate (5% higher than the industry average)

Creating long-lasting results

Our partnership with Spiros isn't just a flash in the pan, its a long-term marketing strategy that provides results that last. 

Whether it's creating SEO-powered blog posts that keep them in the rankings or taking care of their social media followers so people stay engaged.

Some of these long-term results include:

  • Number 1 on Google for 'best renovated venues in Wales'
  • 47% increase in social media audience




The bottom line

Ultimately, there are a few markers that we take from a project to know if something is doing well.

  • An average of 40 people get in touch via the contact form per month