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Spiros Fine Dining & Events

An overview of our branding, website development, content creation, digital marketing and print design


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Overriding Skills

Project Management | Branding | Digital marketing strategy | Digital marketing implementation | Content creation | Copywriting | Video creation | Photography | Custom imagery | Infographic design | PPC campaigns | SEO development | Website design and development | Mailshot design | KPI reporting & analysis | Print design | Print management

Spiros Fine Dining & Events are a staple of the Wales food scene, with some of the country’s best venues in their wheelhouse.

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Website Development

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When we first started working with Spiros in 2010, their main focus was on catering for weddings and professional events. Since then, they've grown to run venues, plan events and offer professional nutrition advice for businesses & well-known sports teams. In 2017 we suggested that it was time to grow their website as well, to reflect the company they had become.

We designed, developed and built a bigger website with a much more visual appeal. Split into 5 segments, these new targeted offerings have funnelled customers through a more succinct journey to reach the right destination when getting in touch.

For the website, we created all the written content with SEO in mind, created bespoke imagery, implemented sales funnels, and designed new calls-to-action. All of this has raised Spiros above their competitors to cement them as a key player in Wales' food industry.



Digital Marketing and Content

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After years of brand development and photography work with Spiros, we began producing regular, weekly website content for both their blog and social media channels in early 2016, with monthly newsletters and regular SEO development on their site.

We’ve increased their website views and visits, ensuring they have fresh and tasty blog content delivered to clients and customers, and built their online brand as a haven of food & events in Wales' arts and culture scene.


Overall Results

After 6 months of digital marketing...

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As a result of our website development and digital marketing work, Spiros has:

    •    Website sessions increased by 75%
    •    Page views increased by 188%
    •    The number of people visiting the site from social media channels increased by 4,433%
    •    The number of people visiting the site from search engines increased by 36%
    •    An average of 40 people get in touch via the contact form per month
    •    The audience on Spiros’ social media channels increased by 47%

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Our Campaigns


Venue Of The Month

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To promote their partner venues we created a content and marketing strategy for Spiros' different venues.

What we did...

Created a unique blog for each partner venue.

Created bespoke imagery.

Shared the blogs on social media and in newsletters.


#1 in Google for 'best renovated venues wales' & 'halloween wedding venue wales'.

1st page in Google for six different venues.

Organic listings outrank all major competitors.

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Christmas & New Year Engagements


To capture the audience of newly-engaged couples over the Christmas and New Year period, we developed a Facebook ad campaign for Christmas 2017.


The adverts reached 12,600 people in total.

153 people clicked through to the website.

9 newly-engaged couples got in touch with Spiros.


What we did...

Created a specific 'Christmas engagements' web page.

Produced 4 standalone adverts on Facebook to run throughout Christmas.

Targeted newly-engaged people & the friends of newly-engaged people.


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Supporting Collateral