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 A new jewel in the Spiros crown - presenting Gileston Manor


A high-impact, 2 month campaign to put this brand new multi-purpose venue on the South Wales map.

Working in partnership with Spiros Fine Dining & Events, we delivered a short, sharp blast of intense marketing to drive awareness of Gileston Manor & their upcoming Open Day - the first they’d ever held.

A half day capturing photo & video on-site followed by 2 months of regular marketing ammo led to audience growth, measurable engagement, and unprecedented levels of event attendance - and lo, a fresh new venue was born.


Lights, camera, iPhone, action

Using a mix of DSLR & phones, we produced the 2 key videos that the rest of the marketing would revolve around.

‘Hey Spiros TV - welcome to my new crib!’

  • Equipment: iPhone 6S

  • Time spent filming: 3 minutes

  • Time spent editing: 10 minutes

  • People power needed: 1 videographer & editor, 1 presenter

‘And now to Wendy, for the full report...’

  • Equipment: Nikon DSLR

  • Time spent filming: 1 hour 45 minutes

  • Time spent editing: 4 hours

  • People power needed: 1 videographer, 1 assistant, 2 presenters, 1 editor


Time for the
digital marketing magic

We executed a 2 month sustained campaign across e-newsletters, Facebook, Instagram and the Spiros website - all leading to the official Gileston Manor Open Day.



  • 1 x new bespoke website page, complete with new video, text & photo gallery

  • 1 x venue-specific newsletter

  • Email data capturing & automated emails to send ‘Save the dates’

  • Regular social posting across all platforms

  • Social advertising campaign with boosted video posts


What happened next…

Measurable results from footfall on the day, to video views & links clicked.