Wordpress & SEO Masterclass

Is WordPress refusing to obey you? Not sure how to make your web pages pop? No idea what ‘search engine optimisation’ really is and how you’re supposed to use it? This workshop is ideal for you!



You might have a sparkly new website and a brain filled with top-quality content but if you don’t know how to use WordPress to make good-looking pages full of great SEO, it could go all to waste.

Our WordPress CMS and SEO Masterclass will give you the skills you need to create pages and posts on your website and teach you how to get that content working for you on Google.

Here at burningred we’ve designed, developed and maintained websites for many clients over the years and we know how important it is to understand how to use your website and how to optimise it so that people can find you.

The session will be run by Alex Mills (burningred’s very own creative director and co-founder of rock’nroll-meets-rust clothing company Rothfink Industries), Meg Hodson (content creator and social media mogul – Meg makes, posts and optimises digital content on the regular) and burningred‘s newest team member Heather Arnold (former editor of Cardiff’s Buzz Magazine, she used to run the magazine’s WordPress site and now helps Meg create SEO-loving content for our clients).

“The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search” – Anonymous

In the masterclass we will give you the skills you need to post digital content and make changes to your webpages with confidence. We can tailor this to your needs – whether you’re already WordPress-savvy and want to improve or you need a very back-to-basics introduction.

We’ll also explore what Search Engine Optimisation really is, what it should mean to you and how to make your website as SEO-friendly as possible. A heady mix of ideas, workflow, apps and practical workshop sessions make this an exciting opportunity for anyone who wants to maximise their online presence.

What you can expect to get out of the session:

  • A tour through WordPress CMS so you know what’s what
  • An introduction to making blog posts (including how to use images and video)
  • Learn how to embed social media on your website posts
  • A better understanding of what SEO is and how it can be used to help your online presence
  • Guidance on how to optimise your web pages and posts for search
  • The opportunity to ask specific questions and fill gaps in your WordPress knowledge

Plus, that's not all

  • Info and advice on apps that could help make content creation easier
  • Suggestions for useful widgets/plugins for your website
  • Drinks, nibbles and light bites to keep you refreshed and idea-ready

Book your WordPress CMS and SEO Masterclass

You can book this WordPress Masterclass for you and/or your team, with a date and time that suits you. To book, get in touch.