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I rise, I rise, I rise...
for Lord of the Flies

Planning and executing a photoshoot to fuel advertising imagery & a marketing campaign with a digital trailer.


On a Sherman Theatre stage, utopia becomes dystopia in an all-female production of Lord of the Flies - cue the advertising campaign.

For their bold and powerful interpretation of William Golding's classic novel, Sherman Theatre wanted a suite of digital advertising collateral to promote it - all stemming from a raw, powerful hero image.

Feral, untamed and ferocious - we headed to Nash Point with the team to capture the core essence of this electric new version of Lord of the Flies.

Lord of the Flies - Sherman Theatre
Lord of the Flies - Campaign Imagery and Poster Design

Planning a visual campaign using just one image

As is often the case with theatre, an entire show's advertising campaign is fuelled by just the one key image. We had to plan, capture and produce that essential image - something that would pull your eyes and make you stop what you're doing to look.

Using the original text as inspiration and a brief from Sherman Theatre themselves, we set about planning the visual outputs of the campaign.

Lord of the Flies - Video production

Capturing photo & video

It all starts with a day trip... We headed out to Nash Point, the wild and untamed setting for our image, with Alex (photographer), Kelly (assistant), Danni (makeup & styling), Rebecca (Sherman Theatre) and our starring model.

After shooting testers in the studio, we reached our location for midday, where we shot and filmed the model. Using art direction to evoke the mood and feeling, we filmed the trailer and shot the image within a matter of hours.

Stepping away, we had the visuals we needed to produce a suite of collateral that would open the story of Lord of the Flies.

Lord of the Flies - Advertising Collateral Design

Producing the advertising collateral

With a flyer, poster and trailer to produce, we turned the photo we'd captured into print collateral. 

The video trailer was given a heavy editing treatment to produce the scratchy, distorted effect - resulting in an unsettling, eerie piece of marketing that Sherman Theatre could use, over and over again.


"Following our creation of the campaign collateral, it's great to see The Spectator name Lord of the Flies as one of their 2018 'Plays to book ahead for' - we couldn't agree more!"

Alex Mills, Creative Director  


Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 10.44.45.png

Print & digital collateral in action


Behind the scenes - capturing the power of Lord of the Flies

Don't look in the eyes, don't look around the eyes...