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This isn't just theatre - this is Sherman Theatre

Photography, videography & collateral production to bring Sherman Theatre's shows alive - off the stage.

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Cardiff's award-winning theatre & production company needed stand-out visuals to promote their shows.

Sherman Theatre were looking for an ongoing run of 'show image production' - meaning everything from taking the shots through to producing the brochures.

Photoshoots in-studio and on location to produce final images & digital trailers, plus collateral production for brochureware, flyers and the like, made Sherman Theatre's 2016 / 2017 / 2018 shows shine.

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Planning a full season of imagery

Each theatre season, we hold consultations with Sherman Theatre to map out the look, style, and 'feel' of their upcoming shows. From this, we turn to sketches & scamps before meticulously planning the photoshoot that will produce all of that collateral.

For the past few years, we've taken a wholly photographic approach, going for realism over fantasy.

Lord of The Flies (2018)

For their bold and powerful interpretation of William Golding's classic novel, Sherman Theatre wanted a suite of digital advertising collateral to promote it - all stemming from a raw, powerful hero image.

Feral, untamed, and ferocious - we headed to Nash Point with the team to capture the core essence of this electric new version of Lord of the Flies.

01_Dublin Carol Image.jpg

Dublin Carol (2018)

One of Sherman Theatre's darkest shows yet. Following a tester shoot - with a carefully-considered composition of key items, chipped and battered by ourselves - we shot the real image in-house at our studio.

Alongside this, we headed down to the rehearsal space for an afternoon filming behind-the-scenes with Matthew Xia (director), Siwan Morris (lead actor), Simon Wolfe (lead actor), and Julian Moore-Cook (lead actor).

02_Tremor Image.jpg

Tremor (2018)

For one of Sherman Theatre's most evocative 2018 shows, about tragedy and how it can change things forever.

Before the actors were cast, we shot the initial advertising image using 2 members of our team. After casting, we re-shot with actors and filmed a digital trailer to capture this eerie new creation by Brad Birch.


The Weir (2016)


For The Weir, a moody, disquieting piece of a theatre, we chose 'The Little Grosvenor' pub in Bristol as our photoshoot location. 


Behind the scenes - capturing the perfect moment for Sherman Theatre

Pubs, beaches, alleys, studios - we leave no stone unturned.




"Over the past few years, we've loved seeing Sherman Theatre win its many deserved accolades; including Regional Theatre of the Year, and an Olivier Award for their show, Killology."

Alex Mills, Creative Director  




So what happened? We share a few of our personal highlights of the content and digital campaign.


It's great to be seen

There's one thing creating collateral, but at the end of the day - we wanted and needed it to be seen.

  • 9800 mins of video viewed in 6 months (Facebook)
  • 483% increase in video views in 6 months (Facebook) 
  • 977% increased content reach on Facebook
  • 317% increased in Facebook post engagement
  • 173% increase in organic search
  • 866% increase in paid search
  • 110% increase in website sessions

Creating trends

We love fairy lights, and one of the things we wanted to do was create a magical space within their woodland. We sourced suppliers who could help us in our quest to create this final, ethereal hero image.

We knew as soon as the daylight started dipping, and the lights began to shine brighter, that we were on to something special. We shot video and photo which would culminate in being our key hero imagery.

Plus, it turns out the fairy lights are a hit with prospective bridal couples - as Gellifawr have had repeat enquiries to hire them out for their weddings too!


The bottom line

Ultimately, there are a few markers that we take from a project to know if something is doing well.

  • 98% weekends booked for 2018
  • 416 leads generated in 6 months
  • New CRM system required to handle new enquiry demand
  • 2019 bookings doing very well and nearing maximum