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Get started, get moving, get finished or just get something done! Ignition is our dedicated service that helps you break that digital / marketing impasse and brings results!


Who is it for?

Ignition is for people who want to ‘start something’, finish something or just get something done!

Any of these sound like you?

  • Website failing to ‘go live’ due to content

  • Website and digital channels failing to represent your company properly

  • Internal impasse with digital marketing and / or company digital representation

  • Lack of ‘real’ content or people on your website (i.e. stock imagery)

  • Social marketing is ‘missing in action’ - it’s been ages since you were sticking to a credible strategy

If any of these seem eerily familiar, then ignition is for you!


“We love using the content creation journey as an amazing opportunity to engage audiences & communicate what you do.”

Alex Mills / Creative Director, burningred


What is ignition?

Put simply, it’s an event or a series of events where we capture as much great ‘content’ as we can with our equipment - so, we end the day with a bulk of new photos, videos, audio and text.

Put with a bit of pizzazz… we produce months’ worth of ‘stuff’ for your website and social channels! From high quality imagery through to digital marketing campaigns, from product and landing page development through to story-telling videos and everything in between. 

Think of our ignition sessions as our unique approach to getting you the marketing assets you need to make a difference in growing your brand online.

They’re a great way to get amazing content, visuals and work completed - in a short period of time. With burningred, you get a whole team of professional audio, visual and written story-tellers residing under one studio roof.

Whatever you need to showcase, or promote, or improve - we get you results.

what is ignition - content marketing made easy

“burningred have been great to work with. They ran an engaging, thoughtful and sensitive content day with a group of survivors, with the flexibility needed to gather some fantastic audio and visual footage. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day.”

Alice Moore / Media & External Relations Officer, Welsh Women’s Aid


Where does it happen?

Simple - our place or yours!

Our studio space comes complete with backdrops (all colours including green screen), audio recording, video recording, flash photography, light boxes - all the kit needed.

No need to hire a space; we’re already in it!

But, sometimes, ignition days work best on your home turf. So whether it’s at your office, a venue, a field, a carpark - we come armed with camera, video & audio equipment to capture it all.

From video interviews to a suite of high-end photos and everything in between, we end our sessions with everything we need to get your voice ‘out there’.


“I’m always amazed at how brand stories come alive during our ignition sessions … we leave with so much great video, photo & text ‘stuff’ - that we just know their audiences are going to love.”

Meg Hodson / Digital Marketing Manager, burningred


How ignition works

We build your brand by planning, producing and deploying great, relevant content 🔥


#1 Plan

We listen, advise, inspire

We listen to what you need - or help jumpstart new ideas - and turn all that into a session of super-productive production.


#2 Capture

Making the magic happen

With high-end audio, video and photographic equipment coupled with skilled team members - we capture everything we set out to do in ‘one fell swoop’.


#3 Deploy

Time to use it or lose it

We jump into your online channels (website / social / newsletters) and fill them with the right ‘stuff’ for the right audience. Whether it’s: blogs, galleries, video ads, regular ads, social campaigns, tutorials, product information.


“We love working with burningred - as it’s just so easy!

They really understand us as people and our brand - they just get it … they have great flair and a unique approach to marketing with huge attention to detail.

The whole team is approachable, friendly and totally professional - making it so easy for us.”

Lisa Borg / Director at SPIROS

Stephen & Spiro 5.jpg

Why burningred?


We save you time (with content)

Unique, speedy ways of getting the information we need for critical content - from campaign stories through to website content. No hold ups, no missed emails - just a straightforward way for us to get things done.

Design, website & advertising focused

Driving sales and getting results through goal-orientated marketing, website making and content creating. Our own studio means achieving results even quicker!

Telling stories is our passion

Audio / visual / written stories made by passionate and internationally-published team members. Regularly commissioned to produce high end advertising imagery, design and video.

Sharing ‘what works’

Sharing over 15 years of campaigns and experience to get the best for your project in your industry.

Our studio is your studio

Our photo / video studio with high end lighting, photo and audio equipment is perfect for producing. Find out more about our space.

In it together

Communicating is key to any great partnership or relationship - we pride ourselves on ensuring you speak to the person you need to.

Unique holistic design, content & marketing mindset

Key website conversion pages, social channels, staff blogs - all developed simultaneously to speed up delivery & results.

Getting things done!

Creating change with proven experience - from overcoming website barriers and marketing stalemates to bringing together internal factions - we get things done..


How to use our ignition service


Make a difference to your brand / website or social channel - these are just some ways we can help!

One-off digital campaign marketing

One-off, high-impact marketing campaign / website update (4 weeks or under)

Need a strong campaign - but got a tight deadline? Got an in-house marketing team but need the ‘stuff’ to fuel it? Get that one-off oomph for your website / campaign:

  • High quality imagery & video

  • Promote a product / service

  • SEO and maximise pages

  • Update old content & improve website usability

  • Bring all your digital channels together - looking & sounding the same

Short term digital marketing Cardiff solutions

Short term digital campaign (1 - 3 months)

Want to launch something? Need to get a message out there? Need to drive sustained traffic to your website / channel?

  • Make smarter and better changes to your website

  • Develop and launch new products and services

  • Create a measurable, sustained marketing campaign

  • Release regular promotion and content to your audience

  • Grow your audience for future marketing efforts


Longer term digital and marketing support (3 months +)

Need to reposition your business and own new sectors? Need to communicate regularly and consistently? Want to see a deeper change?

  • Develop core website offerings

  • Sustained content strategy with measurable results

  • SEO reporting and improvements

  • PPC management

  • Design and marketing support


Ready to get started?