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Digital marketing

Our unique approach to helping you grow through online marketing, strategy, real content production, SEO, PPC, advertising & digital marketing deployment



Digital marketing services

Our approach to digital marketing fuses relevant, engaging content with strategy-led deployment to drive sales and power your business.

Online and digital strategies

Online and digital strategies

Taking you to where you want to be. We understand your goals & business objectives, and create a marketing and digital roadmap to get you there through careful strategy and deployment.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Optimise your website so it appears higher in search engines for words that matter to you and your business. This is a combination of technical and content, but will drive traffic and sales to your website. Apparently, ‘page 2 of Google is the best place to hide a body’!

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PPC  - pay per click and social media advertising

PPC & Social Media Advertising

We bring the desired audience to your digital channels. Targeted, on-brand, audience-specific adverts and content can drive tracked traffic and awareness to your campaign or brand. This includes Google ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and others.

Content marketing

Content marketing

Humanising and your brand effectively through ‘real’ content for search, social, and better brand representation. A mix of high-end video, photo, design and written content. From instructional videos and staff stories to advertising imagery and complete digital marketing collateral for your brand. We help manage what you say and how you say it so you can speak directly to an audience that’s interested.

Video, photography and content production

Video, photography & content production

Unique, creative photo & video mixed in with great copywriting, captured in short, effective photoshoots. Some of our best results have been from small ‘shot on iPhone’ videos, but our full range of equipment is on hand.

Analytics and reporting

Analytics & reporting

Regular reporting against key performance indicators and seeing how your campaigns are impacting on your business - we provide clear metrics on what is happening

Email marketing for business

Email marketing

Custom setup, design, templates through to management, automation, journey setup and reporting. We can harness your database and help build new ones to develop leads that convert.



We’ll help you learn to make your own pages more ‘Google friendly’ via SEO or how to use social media effectively. We give you the tools you need to manage your digital marketing.

Design agency services

Design agency services

On-tap digital and technical support to keep you thriving on and offline. Be it print, marketing, digital or technical – we’re on hand. We produce collateral and brand material to support your business, brand or organisation.


“We love working with burningred - as it’s just so easy!

They really understand us as people and our brand - they just get it … they have great flair and a unique approach to digital marketing with huge attention to detail.

The whole team is approachable, friendly and totally professional - making it so easy for us.”

Lisa Borg / Director at SPIROS

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Why burningred?


We save you time (with content)

Unique, speedy ways of getting the information we need for critical content - from campaign stories through to website content - find out more about ‘ignition’.

Design, website & advertising focused

Driving sales and getting results through goal-orientated marketing, website making and content creating. Our own studio means achieving results even quicker!

Telling stories is our passion

Audio / visual / written stories made by passionate and internationally-published team members. Regularly commissioned to produce high end advertising imagery, design and video.

Sharing ‘what works’

Sharing over 15 years of campaigns and experience to get the best for your project in your industry.

Our studio is your studio

Our photo / video studio with high end lighting, photo and audio equipment is perfect for producing. Find out more about our space

In it together

Communicating is key to any great partnership or relationship - we pride ourselves on ensuring you speak to the person you need to.

Unique holistic design, content & marketing mindset

Key website conversion pages, social channels, staff blogs - all developed simultaneously to speed up delivery & results.

Getting things done!

Creating change with proven experience - from overcoming website barriers and marketing stalemates to bringing together internal factions - we get things done..


"The best result of our digital and content-fuelled marketing impact, was the client getting in touch and asking if we could implement a CRM system to manage the increase in enquiries through the website ... "

Alex Mills, Creative Director